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anyone feel different?

After not eating meat for a few months i feel much more energetic and am less prone to or attracted to violence.
it's strange. it's like vege-nirvana or something.
Anyone else have these kind of strange transformations?

edit: 6/12/06
a few weeks ago i tried to donate blood to the red cross but got rejected.
Since turning vegan my red blood cell count has become lower.
i think mine's at's close to being anemic.
This is prolly the reason for my new passiveness/paix.
So everyone, MAKE SURE TO TAKE IRON WITH Vitaming C!!!

When i first transitioned to the vegetarian diet 4 years ago it was very difficult because I did not know how to cook at the time and my diet consisted mostly of side dishes, such as potatoes and veggies. But last year when I began cooking for myself, I began to feel awesome because I was learning how to cook with tofu, an ingredient my experienced, carnivoric cook of a mother has no idea how to use.  Now, a year later (and a converted vegan) I feel that I have a skill that no one one else in my family has - to cook delicious vegan foods (I converted to veganism last year). It really makes me feel good when my tofu phobic family looks at my dishes, tastes them, and expresses their disbelief that they are animal free. So every single day when I cook, I do experience a sense of inner peace and happiness and I love it.  But most importantly, when I look at this list of the health and environmental benefits of being a veg, I feel even better. Check it out if you haven't already!

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