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Anybody out there taking Zyprexa?

My doctor just put me on Zyprexa, it is an mood stabilizing prescription medication.  I am on day two and don't notice much, except I am sleeping better.  How long does it take to take effect?  I am taking it for bipolar disorder. I think I also need an antidressant.  I almost started crying at work again.  I wish I could stop myself from feeling so sad all of the time. Really, what do you all recommend for those who know about depression and/or bipolar disorder?

I don't know about Zyprexa, but with several drugs like this it takes a while to "kick in."  It can take anywhere from a few days to a month. 


zyprexa... good stuff! it is an antipsycotic, actually, but they use those for the bipolar types (holla!)

i take it when i need to (it's my "back up to the regular stuff (that i don't take)) med. it knocks me on my @$$ for a couple days. sleeping all the time. but i find that it really is good for quieting my head, esp in mixed episodes or when i start to get that "oh crap i'm falling apart" feeling.

i will PM you in case you want to talk private about it. i know we're all open about a lot of stuff but some stuff is more sensitive.

it also has dairy in it!! <---  :( uh oh NOT VEGAN!


I'm pretty positive I tried that one...humm...I'm not on it now either it was one I was allergic to or one that didn't work...Well worth a try either way though, I say! Theres just no need to feel crappy! Taking the med is brave of you! good job!


I'm not bipolar, but my mom (who's schizophrenic) took it for a while and it worked well. I have Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, so my D.O. (at the suggestion of my LPC/ND) prescribed me Lexapro as it is approved to treat both issues. It works super well without a lot of side affects. Most meds take around 4 - 6 weeks before you start noticing a big difference. Do you have the PI sheet? That should tell you about how long it will take to kick in.

You can also check out this site (I've recommended it on another thread):

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