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After doing cardio, I feel tired the rest of the day and lack stamina.


I am 43 and have always loved to exercise...since I was 12 as a matter of fact.

Right now, though, I am not doing cardio and have not done it regularly for a couple of years. I am mostly walking my dogs (at a leisurely "sniffing" pace but 30-40 minutes 2x a day) and doing yoga and toning via DVD's, which suit me very well.  I actually love all kinds of exercise (dance, yoga, pilates, "ball" workouts, walking, biking, badminton), particularly dance but am having trouble fitting in in and finding the energy/time to do it.

I know I should be doing more cardio but here is the thing I am noticing when I do do cardio with the very occasional dance tape or bike ride when I can find the time and energy:  I notice that I feel tired the rest of the day and am lacking energy to do my chores or fun stuff.  My life is pretty active...I am always shopping/walking/watering the garden/taking out and bringing in trash/fetching water, shopping, cooking etc.  I find I have LESS energy to do these things after I do cardio even though I love the cardio.

I remember one Saturday I took a bike ride with my little dog, and loved it but had little energy left over to have enthusiasm to cook dinner for my boyfriend or even to plan an interesting place to go out in the evening! I don't like being too tired for fun/life afterwards!

Why is this?  Isn't cardio supposed to increase your stamina?  Is it because I am not in shape this way at this time?  Is this normal?  Am I deficient in nutrients?

I feel I have enough energy when I don't do cardio for the day just when I do it, I am out of steam for the rest of the day.

Just want to add that I've been veg for over two decades, eat a whole foods mostly vegan diet, no sugar or not even junk food really.  Lots of vegetables and fruits, grains, beans, tofu, etc.

Thanks for your thoughts!

I do my cardio work outs in the evening because it makes me tired and that's the only way I can get a full nights rest.  I think in the long run it gives me energy though.


are you sleeping enough? cardio certainly makes you "keener" in a way.. more awake when you're awake, but you need more sleep when you exercise to rebuild.
are you eating right after your work outs? try drinking water and then eating a meal of fruit after you work out.


I joined a gym in January.  For the first five or so months the cardio perpetually exhausted me.  Now I look forward to it as an energizer.  I think there will be an acclimation process.  (During the first few months I ate something after the workout, but you don't burn a lot of calories doing cardio, so I ended up gaining weight.)


Hespedel....I do get lots of sleep.

Humboldt Honey....maybe I just need to get stronger and "acclimated".  I will try to "build up", I guess and not overdo it.

Maybe a bike ride with my poodle today!

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