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You're such an inspiration for the ways i would never ever choose to be....

i don"t know what to think!  is this real?  if so, what's their side of the story?  i don't want to be misinformed.....argh!!!
i feel kind of like i'm holding a "hand full of sand" right now...


It's not actually PETA, it was two people who were volunteers for PETA. When you have so many volunteers. . . . . . . we shouldn't hold it against PETA, it didn't seem to have anything to do with them.


This was in 7's article: "There's even an anti-PETA presence, including a billboard on a truck reading "PETA: As Warm and Cuddly as You Thought?" sponsored by the Washington D.C.-based Center for Consumer Freedom, a group funded by restaurants and meat producers." (my italics).

Interesting, eh?


Maybe it wasn't PeTA, but it still makes you wonder why they have such low adoption rates... though I'd like to know the source for those percents. And also makes you wonder about the "lame response" that PeTA sent (it's at the bottom of that petakillsanimals page.)

EDIT for bookmama: Ooooh, interesting...

EDIT again: I forgot to include this - the News and Observer (the Raleigh, NC newpaper) had a story on this at


funded by restraunts and meat-producers...typical...

"smear campaigns" make me discontent with this's just wrong, these t.v. ads out now that say, "peta kills puppies" 
it's like the saying, "when you point a finger, you have 3 more (or 4, depending on how you hold your hand....) pointing back at you.....
knowing more facts now, my heart has been a bit more restored...


Yeah, they actually run ads on "Faux News".....those right wing, NEOCON, PEOPLE killers that cheer on our bombs killing innocent civilians in Iraq, think it's OK to kill to dominate the world and its oil reserves. Yet they actually call PETA a terrorist organization. You can agree with PETA or not (we had that post), but they are not animal killers, and they are not terrorists.

For posting this, I'm sure the "dubya" lynch mob, will follow around in the organic section of my supermarket and send me to Gitmo. Or better yet, send me over to Iraq to force me to kill young children and other innocent civilians! This is just another group of Talibangelicals spinning the truth.


Well said. I'm with baypuppy!

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