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world wildlife fund.

i got a nice big coinbank from them today. i will use it to donate to them if i remember to (im always forgetting something) on earth day. if u go to  then u can get it (if they havent run out, its been on some freebie sites). if i dont remember this yr and there doing it next yr then i will try to do it next yr. merrick had fun taking our change out of the superman returns popcorn tin and putting it into this bank, he would laugh when our hands pushed each out of the way. lol, he opened the backdoor and peed on the porch. i was in here on this and i heard the door close so i rushed out there to see him with his diaper off and a puddle on the ground. so now im going to try and potty train him again (had to stop b/c he got diaper rash from the training pants). anyways ot i know. just wanted to let u guys know about this.

I signed up and will put poster and bank in the breakroom here at work.  I hope I don't get in "trouble".  At worst, two things could happen:  someone will steal the bank and/or they'll make me take the poster down and take the bank home.  I'm getting hit up for donations for church kids ski trips, fundraisers for the latest meating-eating cancer victim or car wreck injured, etc. all the time here, so they can at least tolerate my noble cause and pitch a quarter in! 

Good luck potty training your son.  I've always heard that a time comes in every child's life that they *want* to wear big person underwear and use the big potty.  I don't have any personal experience but sometimes those old wives know their stuff.  ;)


with me i try to donate what i can to the salvation army during christmas time. when we move outta here im going to look at the humane society and sisca and see if i can get a small dog or cat and that will be if we are somewhere that will allow pets if im renting. with the potty training thing merrick has shown a little interest and has gotten on the toilet with my help but hasnt done anything yet. i might try underwear when he is big enough for them (waist wise i mean) and see if he will do it that way.

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