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a work-related qualm

So I'm a teacher and I'm new in my district this year and I've been invited to this appreciation banquet sort of thing set to take place next Wednesday. Lunch is part of it, and you can bet it won't be meatless, let alone vegan.

Would it be totally tacky to call ahead and ask if I can bring my own food? Or should I just eat beforehand? I've done both things before many times, but never in such a small place where I am so new.

If you are completely new there, i would eat beforehand and nibble on salad and such there.
Tell they you had a birthday party or something beforehand.

In time you can let them get used to your veg*ness, but right now they are still getting used to YOU.


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I would suggest definately telling them before. Veganism is very hard for some people to understand;  if you're 'holding out' on them, it will only be harder-they may feel like you're hiding something. It's much easier to adjust to a new person and her different ways than to adjust to a new person, feel like you've got it down, then find out there's more adjusting to do.


I have that same problem -
I would eat before hand and eat what you can when you get there.
One of my coworkers who is Vegan just sent out a mass email,  that  seemed to work, I would also bring your own food in the future.

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