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What did you dream last night?

My weird dream last night prompted this thread...I dreamed I was dating Andy Samberg from idea why, I am not a big fan or even seen any of his movies!  ???

lastnight's episode: tino moves to The Big City!

I dreamed that I found an apartment with a dear friend of mine, and although it was in a high-rise & the only outdoor space we had was a tiny balcony, the inside was really nice. We had a jacuzzi tub, some weird cubby holes and hiding spots, and it was really big for the 2 of us. I remember going onto the balcony at one point (it was cloudy outside and the traffic was loud) and realized the floor of it wasn't solid - it was just like the railing but with a big mat over it. That was weird.

Also, I just remembered a dream I had last week which involved a house catching fire. It was kind of a disturbing dream. There was some kind of animal, it was a dog or a pig I think, which was alive in the house but had no skin. You could see all of its muscles and everything. In the dream I knew how terrible that must have felt, but my dream-self became more focused on getting it out of the burning house, so (thankfully) it wasn't as horrible a dream as it could've been. There was another animal in the house as well (not skinned though) and I got them both out safely, and I didn't inhale too much smoke or anything. The first no-skin animal had to be put down, but the second one was a-ok and I took it home to live wiht me. I wish I could remember what kind of animals they were. There was definitely a pig, and I'm pretty sure there was a dog, but I can't remember which was which. What a weird dream.


My dream involved me contemplating getting a lip piercing (which I haven't been doing), skipping some class to do so (which I don't have), and then getting it done at a big Target type place. I couldn't decide if I wanted to buy a piece of jewelry for it, or if I wanted to stick TWO ROASTED ASPARAGUS SPEARS through the hole. I went with the asparagus, and the rest of the dream involved me walking around with the asparagus sticking out of my lip, and having people comment on it. I even remember how it felt...

Branded and pierced vegan.  You're taking it to the next level, AC.


I have been dreaming of international travel....perhaps I should get a passport???

I dreamt the other night that my friend was planning an immediate 9 day trip to Tokyo for us. He was on the phone making reservations and I was worried about arriving in Tokyo with no plan, and  also worried  about not giving my work the proper notification. My cousin who I have no contact with, other than the fact he saved my life when I was three was there, but when I asked him for input on whether or not I should go, he had none to offer.

Last night I dreamt I was in India, eating local cuisine.

I also dreamt of a donut. Specifically the glaze, it was all over my face. Poolside.


I dreamt I was on a bus (I think a schoolbus which is odd since I haven't been on one in years) with my ex and I wanted to sit by him and talk but it was so crowded I couldn't.

wonder what that means, right? haha.


The other night i had a dream i missed my midterm because i had to go somewhere before.
Last night i had a dream that on my way to something important i got pulled over but not arrested since having 6 people in your car on a bridge means you get to go free.

I had a midterm today (after i had to go somewhere) AND forgot my license. I was freaking out. But i got to it okay and came back to get my license. Yay for dreams like that not coming true.


I had 2 dreams last night, and they were both very weird.

The first one i guess me and my friend were pretending we got married and got a hugee honeymoon suite at this super fancy hotel. But people kept coming in our room and we were like THIS IS OUR HONEY MOON GET OUT. We even had an in room full sized pool. I know we like, pretended we were doing what people do on honeymoons to make people leave, but they just cheered? It was super weird. Plus i'm currently very mad at this friend because he owes me money, so i have no idea why we'd have a fake honeymoon together.

Then i had to go take a book back to school, and i forgot to bring the other one but i figured i'd just turn in this one in while i was there. The lady was really weird there and kept telling me i was going to have hugee outrageous fines and have to pay for the book and give it back even though it was a week early. But i talked her out of it. I left the room with 2 friends i found on the way and we went out the wrong door so we had to hop over this plastic railing. Then 3 library ladies ran out and said we ruined the entire room because of that and had to stay and debate them. I dont remember what we argued about but i know i was almost late to class so i got up in left. Because i left i was covered in red ants all day and i got a weird email from my old ag teacher saying i embarassed him. I called him in between classes and he acted like he was my mom and started screaming at me and i hung up on him because i was late to my next class. I brought in a huge thing of like, jello like stuff with me and it was "taste test day" whatever that meant.


Last night I dreamt that I went into a DVD store to find the film Anthropophagus and discovered that the entire store inventory was Euro-trash horror (which made me happy).  There were dozens of people in the store and they were all Hindu and then this karate guy (not Hindu) in his robes came up to me and wanted to show me his penis and everybody ran out of the store.

Now WTF was that all about?! 


I had a dream that I was going to a flute/piccolo audition for a local symphony. Some of the chicks ahead of me were naked, so they got higher scores. But I didn't want to go in naked. I didn't pass the audition.


I had a dream that I had a friend, a guy friend.  This dream took place about 20 years from now, he had a daughter who was grown, and my son was grown, and we were both single and alone.  He was sad because his sister just died so I was giving him a hug to comfort him, but that hug felt really good.  It felt wonderful to be held by a man.  Then a different feeling came and the dream turned errotic and I won't go into that part. 


have had some really weird ones lately!

A few nights ago I dreamed that a crush of mine was engaged  :-\ AND she had decided to start eating dairy again at her fiance's family's suggestion...ergh. anyway, in my dream I had the ability to fly, and somehow I figured out that when I improved that, I could win her over (the fiance was not a good match!) So I tried to hone my flight skills. At first it was hard to stay up when I got into the air (but if I fell I always landed on my feet and never got hurt, even from hundreds of feet up.) I got so good that I didn't even have to jump to get myself going after a while, and I could do spins and flips in the air and fly really fast above houses and stuff. It was cool! I also remember taking off from a stranger's backyard where they had a giant oak tree and were growing peas and beans. I've only ever had a couple of flying dreams so this one was really cool.

Next dream: i was on a plane to somewhere warm...florida or cuba or something. The plane took off, but didn't have enough power to make the ascent, so we had to keep landing again on highways and stuff where the pilot could keep trying to take off properly. We ended up having to get off the plane before reaching our destination, and in order to get to the hotel we all stayed at, everyone had to cross this weird river thing...may have been part of an old mill...but it involved crossing a horizontal ladder that was high above the water, and it spanned across a narrow part of the mill ruins. In the hotel I realized everyone was queer, and suddenly didn't care that much whether I reached the final destinaton.  :)>>>

Lastnight: a friend of mine worked at one of those cell phone kiosks you see in malls sometimes. I went to see her and she tried to give me something without me paying for it. I don't remember what it was, but it was small and wrapped in pale blue tissue paper like a little candy. But a mall security guard came by so i had to pay, and after that my friend slipped me a flip phone for free. Stupidly, I went into another store and the phone set off their alarms, so (stupidly) I went back to the kiosk to give the phone back, and there was a line of 4 customers so I just put the phone on the counter and left the mall. (I hate malls).
When I got out of the mall, a gang of rapper kids (maybe 12 years old) started hunting me down. It sounds funny but they were seriously trying to kill me! I remember being concerned that they might be able to run faster than me, but I managed to flee into this underpass which had a door in the side of it that led up a staircase. I went in and at the top of the staircase around a corner was a door into a factory or something. It was locked from the other side, so I just hid up there. Eventually the kids clued in and i heard them coming up the stairs, so i jumped out at them, pushed them all out of the way and ran out of there. There was a river nearby that i started running along, but one kid caught up with me and cornered me with a switchblade. I fought him hand to hand and somehow managed not to cut myself, AND managed to give him a couple of wounds with his own weapon (nothing life-threatening, but enough that he stopped chasing me). This seemed to stop the rest of them too. I met up with my friend again and we talked about buying pepper spray, but I was thinking the kids were so frenzied it may not have made any difference.
At the end of the dream I was suddenly at a farmed animal sanctuary! I went into a barn and two very friendly sheep kept coming over to me for attention. They had lots of rabbits, turkeys and chickens in the barn. I went into one rabbit's pen and it was very friendly & came over to be pet. I noticed its nails were extremely overgrown on one back foot. I was about to trim them and then I woke up. :P what a random dream.


aw courth! that sound funny but terrible!


I was off-roading with my co-worker and his friends on a weekend day.  He pulled over to the side of the road and we both hopped out, only it was a cliff on my side.  I scrambled back in, Borne-style, and then he and his friends started pushing the side of the truck to get it to flip over off of the cliff.  They wouldn't let me out through the driver's side, so I rolled down the passenger's side window, pulled myself through, hopped my way into the back of the truck, and made my escape on the truck bed.

I figured out that my co-worker was trying to fake his death and needed a body to be found with the truck.  Even in my dream I thought he was an idiot for not realizing that it'd be easy for authorities to know it wasn't him.  So, I hunted down his friends, Rambo-style, one by one, and saved him for last.  My dream stopped just before I exacted my revenge.


I've had lots of crazy dreams lately.

One night i had a baby, and i didn't know what to do with it. I kept trying to feed it salad, and i thought there was some law on not letting people watch your baby until it was a month old, so i kept leaving it in my car during class. And i lost it at a gas station. My aunt also came here to beat me up for having a kid. But she was wearing short shorts (shes like 90.)

Last nights was my mom putting way to much money on the pump for gas. There was too much gas and it wouldn't fit in my tank. So told the people that worked at 7-11 that i'd trade them 14 dollars worth of random things for gas. Then i had to go on a mission to find classmates dressed as people in alice in wonderland for class. Driving was not allowed, so everyone was just running around town like crazy dressed as people from alice in wonderland. I was alice. and i remember that meant i got to hold the microphone. (?)


I once dreamed that my husband was a small ragdoll made out of spaghetti, except the noodles and sauce were really muscles and blood, and we had to sneak him out of my dorm, and when we got outside I had shook him too much and he died.

Most disturbing dream ever. I woke up crying.


I almost forgot to post this!  I only remember this really funny part from my dream Wednesday night/Thursday morning.  I was visiting Cams, and he was watching as I wrote "I heart (heart symbol, not word) seitan" with frosting on the back of my hand.  Hahaha.  I was using my pastry decorator and kept messing up because I couldn't get it right, using only one hand.  Weird. 


So Katie and I watched an episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 last night, and they did a bit about having Hitler's brother star in a movie.  I think that is the reason that she had a dream that Hitler himself was giving us a personal tour of his home.  I laughed.


lastnight I had two dreams.

#1: I was on a bus trip somewhere with some folks I know from school. I apparently knew how to play the ukulele so I was doing it on the bus. A friend and long-time crush of mine was sitting behind me and when I started playing, she got up and left with a boy.  :-\

#2: ..I don't remember. :/


jeff had a dream that i was going out with "some weird guy" (according to him) and he was with some other chick and we were in a play and jeff fought my new boyfriend. haha  :-D

oh i love that boy.


i was day-dreaming today about being a wizard.  and using my powers to kill all my bosses :)


I went to sleep thinking about how i only have 2 hangers and that is so not enough for clothes.
I had a dream the closet was stuffed full of hangers. I woke up and was very disappointed.



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