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Vegweb Food Photos

I visit this site everyday and I am overwhelmed by the pictures most of you post of your food!  I remember that in the days of old, many of the photos on this site were evidently amateur style (i.e foods portrayed as blobs or with massive crums, etc..), but there has been a consistent display of photos of scrumptious-looking food!  Keep up with the great photos for those of you who routinely produce them because they truly boost our site and the veg diet.  I can imagine that many omnivores will be just as surprised as I am at how delicious-looking a veg diet really is, and surprised by the fact that such 'healthy foods' are naturally delicious!  Kudos  :)

As an adult I was never a picture taker until I got my digital camera. Now I take pics all the time. When it snowed 3 feet before Christmas I was snapping photos of the dog in waist deep virgin snow & later got a shot of all the neighbors shovelling the cul-de-sac. Last summer a hot air balloon went right overhead -- I'm sure they were way too low for a residential area. I think they were headed for the park across the street. I ran in the house, came out with camera in hand & started snapping. They suddenly had enough fuel for lift.

As for food, I never really thought to take photos until I started seeing them here & at another vegan site I visit. It is sooooooooo cool! I like when you open a recipe & there are multiple pics of the same recipe.  8)


Doubtless, you have seen AshleyKimball's outstanding photographs.  That girl is going to be the death of my figure!

When I write my cookbook, I think I'll have to have her do the photos.  Hers are just lovely and everyone of them I have seen looks scrumptious!  I hope that one day she gets around to a couple of my recipes on here to make them look wonderful too.

You just keep going Ashley!  You are giving new meaning to "middle-aged spread" at my house.

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