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update on my pimples

so I bought a zinc cream at the health food store after having pimples on the side of my face for 4 months. Nothing was helping and I put my hair up so it wasn't hitting that spot.

No expectations they are slowly going away. I am shocked! Cost 10 dollars.  The crream is  a lovely shade of beige so while the cream is working it actually hides the pimples nicely. I highly recomended it...just give it a week at least to see results.

I am sure you thought of this, but did you change your laundry detergent?  I have seen some of the worst rashes from these products.


no the only thing i did differently was wearing my hair down and it is exactly at the sides where my hair fell. so i am assuming this was it.


if you usually wear your hair up and then wearing it down caused the pimples it might be from the shampoo/conditioner you use or any hair products too.  Thanks for the info on the zinc cream - I've suffered from pimples since I was a teen (I'm now 30!) and I have yet to find anything that really treats them.  I'll have to try it.  :)


Its called zinc cream and underneath has the words margarite cosmetics

also used for hives, its almost gone unbelievable!

got it at a small health food store.

oh a phone number: 800- 644 -1466 Florida

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