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Tried-and-True vs. New?

I'm curious to know if most vegwebbers on a regular basis eat tried-and-true recipes  (old favorites, I guess you'd say) most of the time, new recipes most of the time, or a balanced mix.  For a while there I felt like everything I was cooking was new, but I cannot keep up the pace.  :P

However, my tried-and-true recipes are so plain (sweet potato with EB, pasta with marinara, etc.) that I get tired of them. How do you balance your meals without spending all your time in the kitchen--or is that what you like to do? When I'm cooking new things a lot, I feel like I spend all weekend in the kitchen. I think my DH is getting tired of my being in the kitchen all the time even though he likes to cook, too. Part of my problem is that I'm cooking more fresh stuff--not using processed or packaged food nearly as much as I used to. I like doing that but it does contribute to my "problem."


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