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off topic...pimples....

Ok...ever since I was in my car accident I had a patch of pimples near on my face close to me ear. There not popable (sorry) but small and red.

For 4 months now.  I never get pimples and realize it can be stress related.

My diet has been good mostly (except for the holidays). 

What natural product can I take???

Not to be superificial or anything but it DOES bother me.

Thank you!

Hmmm. By your ear? That's strange. I can tell you, and I don't know whether or not this helps at all, but rosacea can look like that. I'm unfortunate enough to have this condition, and when I have break outs, it looks like patches of small red pimples--unpoppable, as you say. Quite unpleasant. Cutting dairy out of my diet helped a lot with controlling outbreaks. I had this for a couple of years before I figured out what it was. You might do a bit of googling and see if this rings any bells for you. Good luck! 


it is possible that you've been wearing a certain hat more in the last few months?  That sound like an irritation more than pimples to me.


Since a car accident. . .have you been taking meds? My skin was clear and free until the dentist and oral surgeon got a hold of me. . .I know it's the medications. Essential oil of Patchouli rubbed on the spot a few times a day has always worked great, but it's drying.


thanks for all the ideas.

I started to wear my hair down after the accident (which I NEVER do)and it DOES fall right wear the hair is.  Many more pimples on my left side than right though but on the same place where my hair falls

I guess it could be the oil or irration from the hair. 

I'm going to wear it up again and get a haircut and see if that helps.

No meds for me not even aspirin. I used to have eczema but cleared that up with a vegan lifestyle and some alternative stuff.

Hopefully I'll give you a positive update soon.  :)


Try a drop or 2 of Lavender and Geranium oil mixed with something like soya/grapeseed/avocado/wheatgerm/almond oil (not the last two if allergic to wheat or nuts).  Up to a total of 7 drops of essential oil to 15ml base oil.

Geranium is great for skincare in general although not everyone likes its aroma (perhaps you might prefer Palmarosa which smells like a mixture of Geranium and Rose) and Lavender is a godsend, it such a hardworking oil!

x K


well, I am just glad someone brought this up.  I have struggled with acne since I was 14 and I'm now 25.  (It's not bad, but seems like my skin is never totally clear)  I've been off and on pills and prescription creams for almost 12 years and nothing as totally cleared me up.  I thought once I went vegan it would help but nope.  I will try some of the natural remedies posted here. 

And NoIllusions, try wiping down all the phones you use with rubbing alcohol.  Unbelieveable how nasty they can get!  Maybe that's what's causing the irriation? 


another thing you might want to think about is how you sleep.  do you always sleep on the same side and do you change positions at all throughout the night? 
i had a similar situation.  i went to hawaii and western samoa for a summer study abroad.  after i got back, i noticed a patch of skin on my cheek where the pores looked bigger.  it gets red pretty easily.  it isn't really pimples b/c there isn't anything that comes out.  i change my pillow case often as well.  i thought it would clear up after awhile but it didn't.  i wasn't sure if it was something from my trip to western somoa.  i was a bit self conscious about it b/c i thought that i had this big red spot that was so obvious to everyone.  so i finally went to the dermatologist and she came to the conclusion that its b/c i sleep on my right side and dont move.  with 9hrs in one position night after night, the pores weren't getting enough oxygen and becoming inflammed (she said its similar to rosacea).  she gave me a topical gel (metro gel 1%) that i use nightly.  it seems to lessen the redness but the pores still look different than the rest of my face.  oh well.  hope that helps

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