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The Teeth Related Thread.

People talk about their teeth all over the place. Wisdom, flossing, retainers, gums, whatever. Do it here!

I am one in one thousand people born without wisdom teeth. I have the wisdom, but not the teeth. ;)

It is a mutation.

Do you think it is really necessary to have a check up every 6 months, or is it a ploy of the dental association to get more $?  I try to go once per year, but I wonder if even that is necessary.

When I was living at home in school, our family dentist prefered every 9 months.  My MIL had not been to the dentist for several years and just went in for a toothache to be told she should have the rest of her bottom teeth pulled and get a full denture.  If she does not, she will loose them all anyway over the next few years and be in serious pain each time.  My oldest does not have dental insurance so put off going, again, until he had a toothache.  turned out he lost a filling and as a result needs a minimum of a root canal but needs to see an endodontist because of bone loss from infection may cause the total loss of the tooth at 24.  :(  He did not realize he had lost the filling.  It would have been caught at a routine exam.


i think it depends. some people are just blessed with good oral health and can go years without a check-up and have no problems. then there are people like me, who need it, and if they don't go for a year they end up having a root canal. :'(


i go like once a year, never had a cavity or filling...


I went to the dentist for the first time when I was 12 or 13 and I went twice a year for 2 or 3 years. I've gone once since then. I had 2 cavities the first time I ever went, aside from that just staining.
My teeth have mostly been sealed though, They all have been, I just say mostly because the person who did them sucked and had to redo them about 5 times each so I'm pretty sure they aren't done right. We left that place because my mom asked for a copy of what we owed them due to them overcharging us and the lady said my mom tried to jump through the window and kill her so we weren't allowed back. Haha. Freaking crazy place.

I should go back but I just don't care very much because my teeth seem fine to me and my insurance doesn't cover that much, I actually think my mom canceled the dental portion of my insurance since I didn't go for a few years.



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