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I'm new(ish) to veganism, and I'm curious about sprouting seeds for eating. I've found a few sites and several different sprouting methids and devices. I'd like to know which device/method is the best for a mix of seeds (I don't have a juicer for sprouting wheatgrass yet).


Where do you get your device? And your seeds?


Thank-you for your time.

I have two types of sprouters and both work well.

This one I got from a seed catalogue but I can't recall which one.

This one I got at the healthfood store which is where I get most of my seeds.

There is also an awesome site you should checkout:

They have everything you could possibly want for sprouting.


I see. Thank-you for your input.

I had seen the Easy Sprouter on the Sprout People site, but I wasn't sure about it after reading the reviews on Amazon. I was thinking of getting the kit they have with the sprouter and the 6lbs. of seeds.

Would it be worth it?

I'm a bit of a homebody, but if I have to, I'll check out some health food stores or something.

Thank-you for your time.


^ agree

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