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Sisterhood of the traveling VW doll

Brothers, too!

Theo is going to make us a beautiful doll, and we are going to send her all over the world!!! The doll (she?) is going to start in NZ, and travel from there. There will be a journal included, and probably a blog. Take pictures with her, travel around with her, eat lunch, you know..whatever. Make stuff for her!

We can talk about details here.

You must be a KNOWN VW member to participate.

**If you want in on 'LIL VW'S TRAVEL ADVENTURES'; you must send me a message via VW with your real first AND last name included.

Blowing it up in case anyone missed it (I almost did).


Hi hi everyone!  I still have lil VW.  My life blew up in the most awful way and I have been underway and away from home for way too long.  I'm not even home yet..... another 20 hours. :( I promise to compile the Li VW Adventure list and send her along shortly.  I am so sorry if any of you are upset with me.


Where is she now?  Just wondering.


I'm sorry if this has already been explained since I'm coming to this late, but is there somewhere where we can read about Lil VW's previous/current adventures? i.e. is there a blog set up somewhere that everyone has been using to share stories and photos?



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