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The Sibling Thread!

Do you think you look like your siblings?
Do your children look like each other?
Talk brotherly/sisterly love/hate/comparisons here! : )

to start:


whoa even 16 y.o. Courth was a hottie!! haha, I think I've seen a pic like that before, but I really really really love your dress!!

Also, you need to get a pic together again soon! : )

He's not so bad, as far as brothers go. : )

My brother and I had always gotten on ridiculously well, as in, not one single childhood or teenaged fight/argument.
Things are a little more strained in the last year or so since he got engaged, but I still love him heaps and hope we can get back to being close like we used to be...

and just for fun, a bonus pic!


Well, I was adopted so we can just forgo all of the physical comparisons. I have two older brothers and a younger sister. My brothers are much older and I've always gotten along with them. My sister is 5 years younger and basically our relationship was great when she was little, then got rocky when she became annoying err I mean in her teens, and once I moved away from home after graduating high school our relationship turned really nice again and has been that way since.


Ok...let's see if this works.  This is the last picture of my twin Julie and I taken together without one of us (mostly Julie) flipping the camera off or covering our faces.  We're in matching dresses except for the color.  I'm in the white, she's in the black.

We mostly get along fantastically but when we fight it gets ugly.  No worries though..being mad at each other usually lasts about 5 minutes and then everything's OK again.

This is my older sister and her family. (sorry I can't figure out how to make it show up on the thread).  Our relationship has been turbulent and there's been times we haven't spoken for years at a time..the most being 4 years even though we lived less than 2 blocks apart.  At the moment though we're getting along pretty good.


This is my best friend and me with my middle brother at his wedding last January.  See if you can tell which two of us are related.  ::) (Btw, I was 7 months pregnant at the time, I'm not actually fat).

We were really close back in the day, but now that we live in different countries we're not as close anymore.  I still count him among my best friends though.  I used to really not like my youngest brother, but when he was about 15 we started getting along...not sure if it's because he matured or because that's when I moved away to college, but we still get along really well, albeit in a very immature way.  I can't find a recent-ish photo of him because he hates being in photos, but I'll post one later if I can find it.

ETA: I'm not sure why that pic turned out so small....


I don't think my sister and I really look like at all, but we have different fathers. She looks a LOT like my mom (my mom had rhinoplasty so their noses are different) but she has her father's tallness/personality. I don't think I look like my mom at all but there are similarities, like our feet and height. our toes are the same and we have the same birth mark on our sides and certain freckles in places. I'm not sure if this in genetic or coincidental, but there's the similarities! I'm also the only one that's blonde/reddish haired naturally. Other than that i seem like i'm adopted because my personality/interests are so opposite to both my sister and mother. I've never met my father but i suspect i take after him.

little us:

little bit older us, I was 7 here and she was 15:

recent sister:
lol, that's the face

recent mom and me:


lol uS, I like those recent photos of you and your brother.   ;D

I have 8 sisters and 2 brothers. Three of my sisters are triplets.
My siblings and I all look alike in some way. We all have the same shape nose. 7 of us have the same thick wavy hair. Some of us have slightly crooked little fingers (including myself) from our dad. Shamefully, we also all have the same sounding laugh.
Each of us do look different in our own ways, but not different enough.
Very boring.  :/


sog..I think you and your sis look like sister in this photo.

But it also may have a lot to do with the hair.

You are both absolutely gorgeous!  You look more "I'm a natural beauty and I don't really have to do anything to my face or hair- it's just me" gorgeous!  Your sister looks more like a magazine beauty.  Make-up, hair, the face.  I hope that made sense. 


aww thank you thhf. I think it probably is the hair in that picture, but she had dyed it by then. her natural hair color isn't quite as dark in her other picture bit it's closer to it. what you described is pretty much how we are. i'm the laid back child and she's very.. barbie-ish. she is still beautiful without makeup, but she's a divvvaaaaa. lol!


I love this! Carry on.


i have five brothers and we all kind of look alike. i work with one of my younger brothers and people randomly ask if we're related, sooo...

i don't really get along with any of my brothers. i used to get along with my older brother pretty ok, but then he turned crazy. i guess all of them are tolerable, but mostly they are five people filled with more hate than any other people i have ever met and that is SO not me. we are very VERY different. I have some other issues with a couple of them that years later still make me uncomfortable... so yeah. :( i'm hoping some day they will all grow up and we can get along, but considering that i haven't lived with any of them in over 6 years and they are all getting older and not seeming to progress i dunno if that will happen. they have all been extra mean recently and I don't even know if my older brother is coming to my wedding..
Actually, one of my brothers I have no issue with and he's pretty cool, still very different than me, though.

I can't find a picture.




You look a lot alike, sb! They are pretty.


i think you and your sisters look alike.. and you all have a widow's peak!


Yeah, you would def. know you are sisters, e. You both got teh boobies!

So cute.


I can see the resemblance!

I just came to add about my brother: yesterday I didn't go to class because I wasn't feeling well. Alan missed his ride to work and instead of getting me up he called a cab. My dad told me; Alan didn't want me to know. Also, he does the stereotypical big brother thing. His birthday was on the 23rd of October, and he had a bunch of friends and a bunch of alcohol over to the house. He invited this guy who is 26, divorced, and has a 5 year old child. After a few drinks this guy started hitting on me and wouldn't leave me alone. Alan made him leave. HE said "I don't care who you want to flirt with, but if some guy wants to flirt with you and you don't want him, you don't have to deal with him. Ever."

We didn't get along for the longest time, but we do now.



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