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Scooter Accident

I drive a Honda Metropolitan scooter to and from school and to downtown and friends houses. I bought it because I thought it was an excellent for the environment instead of using a car and I'd also be using alot less gasoline.

Well, yesturday on my way home from school, I came to a stop sign to make a left turn. There was a construction truck coming to make a left into the street I was on (there was also no stop sign from the way he was coming, so they don't have to make a stop to make a turn....hope that makes sense).  So, I was waiting for him to make his turn, and all of a sudden he was coming way to close into my lane, all of a sudden he was right there infront of me and all of a sudden he hit me straight on.  I was okay, just a few bruises, but this was all his fault because he did not turn into the right lane.  He cut the corner and just didn't look to see me. And I was visible as well.

So I guess the whole point of telling you guys this is to please be careful of motorcycles, scooters, bike riders, pedestrians............I know it was none of you that hit me, and I hope it never happens to anyone, but it will...I wish I could tell everyone this.....I just thank god it wasn't worse. My poor little scooter died though. The engine doesn't start and the fender was completely broken off. So, I gotta take it to the place I bought it to get it fixed..

:'( :'(

I'm really sorry to hear about your accident. My husband got in an accident on mine a few months ago, and we were both really upset and scared. His was relatively minor, but he ended up underneath an SUV.  :o

I ride a scooter (V!no classic) and a bicycle, and I know exactly what you mean about people being blind to us two-wheelers. I actually had a cop almost run into me back in October, and I laid on that squeaky little horn with all my might. I'm sorry your scooter is dead, but glad you're mostly okay.


Wow, little buddy, glad you're still with us.  :oOne of my students lost a cousin this winter, he skidded in the rain, laid it over and was run over by a truck following too close behind him...he is no longer with us.  :'(Glad you are!!
BTW sharway, good to see you post, haven't seen your name on the board for awhile.


Wow, I can't believe that happened to your husband! And I can't believe a cop almost hit you!! I'm so glad that you both were okay from those incidents.

I'm just so glad that I made it out alive.  It really showed me how fast life can be taken away from you.  Scary stuff. 


hey weelittlebuddy, so sorry that happened to you but I'm glad you are ok.  Thanks for this safety reminder. My husband and I like to ride motorcycles occasionally (well, he drives, I ride) and you always have to be the defensive driver. 
Again, so glad you weren't seriously injuried.


Oh my... scary! I'm so glad you're okay, though. And thank you for posting this - it's like an answer to a prayer.  ;) I was trying to figure out an affordable, enviro-friendly yet still quick solution to getting back and forth to work and nearby clubs, movies, and restaurants. Do you mind answering a few questions?

- Do you require a special license for this?
- Is insurance higher or lower?
- How do you keep people from stealing it?
- What is your average MPG?
- What is your top speed?
- How much did you pay for the entire package? (Scooter, helmet, gloves, special registration/license if needed, etc.)

If you have time to answer my questions, thank you so much - this would be PERFECT for getting around my no-public-transportation town. Yay!


Good words from the wise.  I'm glad you're o.k.



A scooter is the perfect choise for "an affordable, enviro-friendly yet still quick solution to getting back and forth to work and nearby clubs, movies, and restaurants". I would love to answer some questions for you....

1) Do you require a special license for this?
Yes, you need to get a motorcycle license (Class M). Since I'm under 18 years old (it might be 21, I don't remember), I had to take a CHP class.  In this class, there is a portion where you get taught things by an instructor and watch movies and discuss, etc (this portion is about 4 hours).  Then, for about 10 hours (split up in two days) you actually ride a scooter and do all these courses and stuff to get you familar with how to ride a scooter (or motorcycle if thats what you choose). There is also a test at the end of the class. If you pass this driving test, then you are good to go and take the WRITTEN test at the DMV.  If you decide not to take the CHP course/class then you have to take the driving test at the DMV. So, I suggest just taking the CHP course because it can also help lower your insurance.

2)  Is insurance higher or lower?
Since I'm under 18 and haven't had my Motorcyle lisense for that long, mine is $750 a year (but they said it would have been cheaper is I was older and had my license for a longer period of time.) But, it is alot cheaper compared to the $2,000 my sister has to pay for her car insurance!! I also talked tot his older lady and her husband has a scooter (he's had his lisence for a long time) and their insurance was only aobut $15/month).

3)  How do you keep people from stealing it?
My Honda Metro scooter already had a few security measures built in. The steering wheel locks, and the stand also locks.  You lock the steering wheel by moving the key in the ingnition to the lock position, then turning the handles to the left and it kind of finds its place in the "locked" position.  The stand lock is located in the compartment under the seat.  There is a switch that says "lock" and "unlock".  (You can also store your helmet and gloves, jacket too in this compartment)
I also have a lock (kind of like an intense, bolt lock bike lock thing).  I slip it through the front tire and around the scooter!

4) What is your average MPG?
My average MPG is about 80.

5) What is your top speed?
Top speed is 40 (about 43 going down hills). It goes about 30 up hills, tops.

6) How much did you pay for the entire package? (Scooter, helmet, gloves, special registration/license if needed, etc.)
Scooter, with taxes, etc: approx $2,500
Extra lock chain thing: $50
Helmet: $100
Cloves: $40
CHP class: $150

I absolutely LOVE riding a scooter. I'm not into motorcycles, but I think scooters are just so CUTE! I definately recommend it to you. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask!!


So glad you are OK Little Buddy!  Glad to see you wear a helmet.  Years ago, a van went through a stop sign and hit my brother in law on his motorcycle.  If it wasn't for his helmet, I would not have a brother in law.  He was pretty bashed up and his bike was totalled.  His bike was some huge BMW thing.  No matter how careful we are when driving, there are still the idiots out there.
Should the person who hit you not be responsible for fixing your scooter?
Anyway, just glad to hear you are still here to tell the story! :-)


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