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Reasons to whine

I feel like "reasons to frown" is for more serious business, and "grind your gears" is for genuine, deserved anger.

This is for whining, especially about petty things. Complaints, bitching and moaning welcome.

My reasons to whine:

I'm back in school starting today, and it's a sort of orientation week. As usual, it's pretty pointless. I could be sleeping!

My sheese has a spot of mold on it! I opened it a couple days ago, and it's best by date is Aug 5. >:( (I cut that part off, and am now enjoying some sheese)

Great news, LLG!! Sleep is sooo important, for all of us.
Says the girl who just went cold-turkey yet again. I must learn to go to bed when I'm sleepy, when I can. Even if that's 8 pm. I stayed up till 10 and then drowsed instead of sleeping until 3, when I realised it was over. I think if I'd gone to bed at 8.30 I might have actually slept.


Good luck yabbit!  You deserve some decent sleep in your life.


Day 3 with no sleeping pills. Raging headache, feeling sad and lonely, but standing fast. I only have one class tomorrow anyway.


stay strong yg <3 that is tough, mad props


Still hanging tough. Thank goodness for my cordless headphones.



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