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Reasons to smile

I guess not everyone needs to find a reason, but... What made you smile and/or laugh today?

My first LOL of the day was caused by this LOLdog.

I went to the uniform laundry room at work yesterday, to ask if I could try on a size smaller in my trousers. And they fit! The laundry lady asked me if I needed a new shirt, too, so I tried the next size down in that, too. And it fit! Wow. My pants had been slipping down my hips a little for weeks, but last week they got ridiculously slippy. So happy to have confirmation that my body's changing shape/size a little. :iloveyou:

Humming along to the occasional good song at work... it's amazing how much it can lift my mood. ;)b

Overhearing customers' reactions when they can't decide whether flowers are real or not. It's hilarious either way - when they think fake are real, or real are fake. ;D

Glad to hear the good news, Semiveg!!
My RTS: DH's BFF has discovered he lives a hundred yards from an Indian grocery. Of course he's down on the coast and we're up here, but he did offer to send me anything urgent if I run out.
And my last batch of lime pickle is gorgeous.
And after a hellish Friday, Saturday was pretty good.


Someone pinch me if I'm dreaming, but it looks like the thread organization is back to normal (and that is definitely a reason to smile).

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RECIPE BOXES ARE BACK!! And I haven't lost any!!

I know using all caps is shouting but believe me I am whooping and hollerin' for joy!!


And today I realised I have finished 3 important projects in the past 48 hours. Now I can do some fun stuff.


Game on, baby!!!  It has begun and oh how it makes me smile!!



Looks Good, Storm!!

My RTS: they finally have decent stevia available here.



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