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Reasons to make the slanty face

:\ You know, in between the smile and frown. I'm more often :\ ing.

P is gone to class, but will be back in a little over an hour. Also, he's going to a Street Fighter club thing tonight, that I would like to go with him, but I don't know that I'll be feeling up to it. The fact that he's going is a reason to smile, though.

Semiveg, get someone to pick those plums up for you (that's what kids and grandkids are for, LOL) and make chutney. Manisha has an excellent chutney recipe on Indian Food Rocks, written for apricots and mango but I used apricots and plums, and I am thinking about doing a small batch of just plums. She starts with 5 lbs of fruit but I used a pound each and had about a quart, which I put in the fridge without canning and it's keeping well.


Frowning because my bestest student left today for NMex and I don't think he'll ever return. He was total eye candy and a very nice, intelligent man.
Smiling because he got the visa, a three year contract, and I helped. Oh yeah, he knew it all already, but I gave him the confidence to sail through the interview at the embassy. And he taught me things about myself, like my stupidly misplaced, knee-jerk reaction to the word "Barranquillas."
Right now my two best speakers-of-English are the much-maligned Latinos. One Colombian, one Argentinian. I wish my Andaluz students took it that seriously and tried that hard.



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