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Reasons to make the O_o Face

There are times when you read, see or hear something that just makes you  :o. This is the thread to share them on!

The other day I don't know where I stumbled on a thread discussing the Nancy Drew novels. I remembered how much I loved them and I did a little research...which led me to the original publishers, who also published the Hardy Boys and the Bobbsey Twins. All written by a cadre of ghost writers under cover names. Then I found a link to an audio book of one of the Bobbsey Twins stories, which I loved when I was a kid. I listened to it for old times' sake. The  :o happened when the author described little Flossie-aged-four's collection of dolls, among which was a black Sambo doll given to her by the family's "coloured cook Dinah, and her husband the stableman, Sam." Who had "excellent rooms above the stables." They had given her this black worsted ragdoll (named Jujube) which she kept with her other dolls..."but apart, at the other end of the shelf, and with a nice  piece of white pasteboard in between--because, well, he wasn't really family."

:o  :o
The story goes on to state that Flossie had thought about giving Jujube away but didn't want to hurt Dinah's feelings; "and after all, as Mamma said, there weren't any doll hospitals for black orphan dolls."

No wonder the Bobbsey Twins books went out of fashion. Nancy Drew is still available today...but then there was nothing like that in them.

So, VWers, what made you :o    today?

Yeah...I was watching the Cosby Show from the 80s on DVD and Mr Huxtable complains about spending 20 bucks on an Econ text for Theo. Innocent little thing...these days that's nothing, and there's a lot less content than there used to be. Plus in Spain we pay a 35% "Luxury Tax" on books and music. I kid you not. Knowledge is apparently a luxury!!


Every year I look forward to the New Moon Festival. I love moon cakes. I buy one or two in our local Chinese grocery. I usually get a coconut one, or a strawberry one, or a taro root one.
Or should I say "got." Up to now they never had nutrition labels on the individual ones.
This week I bought two, ate one yesterday with my lunch...and ate the other one today. Just as I was going for the last bite, the empty package flipped over and I saw...the nutritional label. In English.
620 calories per cake.
Oh my goodness.
Oh my gracious sainted aunt Maud.
And I've eaten two in the past 48 hours.
No, I won't weigh in this week. I don't like horror shows.
But I've learned, and no, I won't ever save up for the 12 pack "gift pack" that comes in the pretty decorated tin box. I wanted it for the box, not for the bajillion calories I now know it contains.


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