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Reasons to Cry Like a Baby

("frown" didn't seem adequate)

I had to put my sweet black dog to sleep yesterday... knew it was coming-- she was 14, & had been treated for lymphoma for the past several months-- but it just never gets any easier. We were friends a long damn time, and I miss her very much. Pics & FB eulogy here:

Many of the 2-legged creatures in my3-D world fail to understand the sadness magnitude of this event... like, "that's too bad, oh well she was old"... then I kick them in the shins/ balls, and go back to bed.

Cyberhugs needed.

UPDATE: Jose will have his surgery on the 10th August. They couldn't take blood today because the labs are  not working, until the 4th. Don't know why but there we are. It's very hard for him to sit quiet or lie in bed so prayer appreciated, particularly for a "spirit of repose" or something.
Because he took over so much of the helping-out when he retired and I started teaching English here at home, it's doubly hard for him to just sit.
I told him it's a course in Jose Appreciation, and to let me look after him. He's all I have, on this side of the water.
He will be admitted on the 9th for pre-medication etc and will have to be hospitalised till the 11th. He wants me to come home the night of the day he's admitted because I'd have to just spend a night on a chair next to the bed. I will do that the day of surgery anyway. It's not like I'd be able to sleep here alone thinking about him, anyway.
Life life.


Sorry to keep talking about this, but I need somewhere to put it:

It's worse than we thought. It's not detached, it's torn. He saw the specialist again today. They will put gas in his eye? eye socket? and do the surgery and he will be blind in that eye for about a week until the gas dissipates. Full recovery time, 6 weeks to 2 mos.



I finally saw this.  Do you have a surgery date yet?


Yes. He is admitted on the 9th and has surgery on the 10th. Hopefully home sometime on the 11th.


I just now saw this... Yabbit! I'm sooooooooooo sending you and the other Mr. Yabbit ( ;) ) positive and awesome energies!!  :)


Thanks, dude. I mean that, now.


I don't even know how to preface this.

One of the kittens I trapped, the one I gave to my mom, died.

My mom's never been great with vet care and the like, so I had her finally schedule an appointment for her cat's teeth before she could get the kitten, Rocco (her cat has had a bad tooth abscess for a few months). Anyway, it's just something that's always been an issue with both my parents, growing up.

Rocco was doing well, playing with her cats, etc, and apparently was hanging out on windowsills. A couple months ago, the management at her apartment did a power-washing of the windows, and I guess never affixed the screens on the windows properly afterwards. So my mom found one morning that the screen was missing on an open window (one of the 100-degree days here, and she doesn't have AC, so the windows were open), and Rocco was missing too. She went looking for him, didn't find him, left food outside her door. He came to eat it a couple times, but ran off when she tried to get him. She looked all over for him, and heard that other people had seen him. She kept feeding, he kept eating, but she couldn't catch him. At one point she was looking for him for hours, took a 20 minute break, and came back to see he had been hit by a car in her alleyway.

Anyway, this is all really upsetting to me... on the one hand, I expected my mom to be irresponsible in some way, yet this is one of those things that happens no matter what. I wanted to be upset with her, but I can't find a way. And he was just a really sweet cat. He was almost immediately comfortable with me, and was getting along well by the time I left him there the other week. Plus, there's this whole thing with Teddy (the white kitten I posted a pic of a while ago), whose new owner never got back to me about how he's doing, which concerns me because the receptionist at the clinic said that he thinks the owner left him in her car for six hours until she went home that day, in the 100-degree heat, since I saw her bring the carrier to a car, and apparently she left six hours later. I've had it in the back of my mind that she might not be getting back to me not just because she's flaky (I tried to meet with her before several times to give her Teddy, only for something to come up for her), or because he actually was left in the car and died. And now this.

Now I don't even feel like trying to adopt out Mimi (the one kitten I still have). I hate getting emotionally invested in these animals and having stuff like this happen, and so soon.

It's so weird. I knew this little guy, he was getting along so well, and was even taking to my mom and her cats by the time I left that day I dropped him off, and now he's dead. I can't even grasp it.



fb ~ I am very sorry.  Rococo's passing just sounds like a freak series of events.... :( I hope flake girl is just being flaky.  Don't let these two things spoil your much needed catch, castrate and adopt efforts.


I'm sorry, for you and Rocco and Teddy.  I hope the new person is just being a flake.  If not, without it happening right there you may not be able to turn her in for animal cruelty.  She makes me upset, either way.



That sucks, I'm so sorry... You did your best for them, though, and that's all we can do. I hope kitten Teddy is ok... (hug)


I'm sorry, faunablues. :-\



sorry, fb!!! <3

i'm crying because of this stupid dance shit. she said she let the girl with tattoos on the team because we all fought for us to stay a team, but after her, no one will be allowed to have visible tattoos. she said she let her on, despite her tattoos because it would be disrespectful to deny her the chance to be on the team because of her tattoos even though she fought for the team. i fought for the team. i was the main one fighting. yet i'm being denied the chance to be on the team because of my hair. and then she said she doesn't want to set a double standard. this is the biggest double standard i've EVER fucknig seen.


I'm so sorry fb.  :'(


fb - I also wanted to say that we do the best we can.  You could try to save the kitties and provide homes for them or do nothing.  You got involved and cared for them.  You did it right on your side and I hope it doesn't dissuade you from helping more cats.  They need to you care, even if sometimes other people get it wrong.

vh - That's really unfair.  Have you decided what you are going to do?  Could you use a temporary wash-out dye for competition days?


yeah i told her i'd get spray color. it's gonna look fucking retarded and it's gonna be even more noticeable than pink, but whatever. the man wins.


oh fb that is terrible, poor Rocco! :' (
I don't even know what to say...


sorry FB,

some people just shouldn't be allowed to own animals... i'd say the vast majority actually... how unfortunate :(



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