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Peoples thoughts on veganism

I constantly get questions about veganism and i'm always happy to answer them. But sometimes, people give me interesting responses. As being non-judgemental i believe that everyone is entitled to have their own opinion. What i dont get is peoples thoughts on animals rights.Two things that i have heard this weekend is that "god created animals for us to eat and kill" and " turkeys are ugly so what does it matter if they are killed". These 2 statements kind of offended me. As being agnostic, i'm not very keen on religion but i have an open mind towards them. "Thou shalt not kill"..............? I'm just curious to know other peoples phillosophies on this. Thank you!  :)

i think a lot of people are uncomfortable with it and use any bs they can pull out of their butts to justify not having to come to terms with/think about what they are eating. veg*nism is seen a a moral commitment to many, that veg*ns are soo strong because they can "resist" meat (and dairy, for vegans).

regarding the bible, i have seen quotes about how god intended adam and eve to eat from the garden of eden, not kill and chow down on animals. i am also agnostic, so i haven't thought about it much, but i think there is a bible quote about how god gave them all the plants and fruits and seeds to eat.

in a world filled with violence, being faced with someone that does what they can to be compassionate is very threatening to the status quo.

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I do think people see it as a moral afront.
Obviously, the turkeys being ugly thing was meant as a joke (even though you as a vegan may not find it funny) probably to change the seriousness of the conversation. more


This was brought up in another thread, but there is no mention of man eating animals in the Bible until after Noah-and-the-ark. Then there is a specific statement about animals being available to eat---perhaps because the plant life died in the flood and needed time to regenerate?? There's no real explanation of the whys and wherefores. But when things were lovely in the Garden, Adam and Eve and the boys were certainly vegetarian. No mention of whether or not they drank milk.
  I am a Christian but I have no opinion on the "morality" or not of whatever one chooses to put in one's mouth. It's a personal decision--like everything else in this life. Even if you choose to follow a particular code, *you choose*. It took me a long time to learn not to agree with everyone around me--but I finally realised they didn't change their ways for me, so I had a right to mine.
It truly is sad though when others mock one's personal beliefs and practices (which after all don't affect them a particle, do they? You're not asking THEM to follow!) and yet if you dare voice a different opinion they jump down your throat. At least that's my experience here.
That's what I like about's a safe place to think out loud and get some intelligent feedback.


people do seem to take a persons choice to be vegan as an attack on their choice not to be.  i have found that it is generally more because you have looked in to and thought about your actions and made the decision to live a lifestyle that is viewed as 'different' (difference seeming to be very threatening to a lot of folk), you are shunning traditions and beliefs that are upheld by many people amd i think that it is this that makes people uncomfortable.  it puts that they might not be right, that their/our forefathers might not be etc and it also highlights a lack of compassion in their lives, and most people like to consider themselves caring.
  my mother, for example, thinks cows are cute etc yet has no qualm s about eating them, but you mention some thing about dogs being eaten (she has 2 as pets) and she is aghast??  when i went vegan after a couple of years of vegetarianism it took her a lomg time to grasp why i would do such a thing, and i think a big part of it was that by my telling her i felt hypocritical drinking milk but not ating meat it made her feel that i was saying she was being hypocritical, which, of course, in her eyes she wasnt being.
i totally aggree with baypuppy about people pulling ot any statement they can to justify their own actions.    i usually find myself ending up saying something like "i looked into my choices and am happy with them, its a personal choice" or (slightly more defensively) "i've probably read more about the merits of omnivorism vs veganism  than you have and i'm happy with my choice, and i dont knpw why you cant be happy with that/for me"        how ever this always feels like a bit of a cop out                      but i cant usually be othered to have a big arguemennt with someone who doesnt want to listen (this is a generalisation bt i find a lot of the tie that people who come out with comments like 'turkeys are ugly....' arent in a place where they will listen to your opinion at that time)      i think eveyone is entitled to their own opinion but i just get a bit fed up having to defend mine the whole time hence the cop out

wow that ws a rant !!!!!


i do have a comment on this because it has to do with the reason i became a vegetarian, (striving for veganism, but i still use mayo and eat chocolate!!).

i read a book called "the hallelujah diet" which is based on the idea that Genesis 1:29, which says “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat .” 

this accounts for fruits, veg, seeds, nuts, beans and grains.  (am i missing something else?)  after the flood, mankind was given permission to eat animals which were "clean" since the vegetation was destroyed.  many believe this was to be temporary.  a clean animal has to have been fed a certain way, treated a certain way (accomodations) and killed a certain way.  this might be TMI for sensitive souls! they are supposed to be sliced at the neck so that their heart pumps out most of the blood.  then the meat is supposed to be "kosher", so it is soaked for several days in a salt mixture.  i am a little fuzzy on the details here, so sorry if this is a little vague. 

it is an interesting book, in any case.  the author claims that there is absolutely no mention of disease or sickness in the bible until after the flood, when mankind began to eat animal products.  their lifespan was also drastically reduced.  the average before the flood was over 900 years, and after the flood, just 100. 

i think people often get things mixed up when they are defending their meat-eating tendencies.  God did give us DOMINION over the animals, but He specifically told us what we were to eat from the beginning, and animals were not in the mix.  i do not have a personal issue with animal rights, that is not my cause.  i did not become a vegetarian to save animals, i did it to save myself. 



Fiona, if you're also the born-again kind of saved, you might want to check out the Christian Vegetarian Association,  There's also a yahoo group for the organization that I also participate in.  It's a good group too.  8)


thanks, i will check it out!


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