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Oh Happy Earth Day to me!

I don't usually buy books at Books-a-Million, I usually just figure out which ones I want and then order from amazon because they are cheaper, but BAM was having a sale for Earth Day today and I was just wanting something right now so I decided to treat myself for Earth Day! (any excuse to treat myself, right?!) After an hour trying to decide, I finally  walked out with the Vegan Daily Companion, the Happy Herbivore and Vegan Comfort Food!  Just what I needed - more cookbooks when I haven't made everything I want to make from the ones I have, lol!  But they looked and sounded So good and the Happy Herbivore had a recipe for Pumpkin Cheesecake that I don't think my life would be complete without!  Then I did my favorite 40-minute yoga premix (Daily Dose of Bliss from Power Yoga for Happiness), a grilled portabello wrapini (without cheese) from Jason's Deli and I've had a great day!  Oh, and I made the banana blueberry pancakes from 1,000 Vegan recipes this morning - YUM-O and had brocolli and chickpea casserole from Vegan with a Vengeance for lunch (with some Nacho Mom's fire roasted queso on top!) 

So, I've had a VERY good day today!

Hope everyone else has had a good day too!

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