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The official, amazing, aimless chitchat thread.

So this is where we go to make small talk that doesn't really fit into other threads.
It's the thread with no attention span!

Frequent, arbitrary changes of topic are encouraged.  In fact, they are mandatory.

So, I was just thinking, wouldn't it be awesome to have the decor in each room of your house be inspired by a food?  Like, I was cutting up eggplant today, making my accidental eggplant chips, and I though, wow, this eggplant looks so pretty against this green plate!  I would love to  have a room inspired entirely by eggplant colors.  And then I thought there could be ones inspired by mangoes and apples and sweet potatoes and pretty much any other pretty food.

Hey, a friend of mine made these really awesome mosaics of all her food pictures based on color.  THIS is what I mean:

So, what was I saying?

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