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new and have a ? or 2.

can somone tell me the food additives that are derived from meat? i want to know so that when i start to look at labels i know what to avoid. is it more expensive or less expensive than a diet with meat? thanx if u can help me.

hi karoneo4! welcome aboard!

i'll give you a couple quick answers because i know many others will pitch in with helpful advice. you may also find searching the old posts helpful because we talk about issues like these every so often.

1. meat derived: be aware of "natural flavors" in foods. sometimes they are meat. gelatin is also animal made (i.e. jello). if you do find something you aren't sure about good it like this : mystery ingredient vegan" and that will usually tell you.

2. veggie diets are cheaper if you do them cheaper. if you buy a lot of prepared veggie burgers and faux meats it can add up, but beans and lentils are really inexpensive. i've seen many "grocery budget" pages say to eat veg a couple times a week to cut the money back. this site has many good and very inexpensive recipes. many of your favorites can also be made with meat (soups and chili for example) and still be very hearty. i'm a grad student and people are always like "how can you afford the co-op!" but they don't see that my bill is never big because i a) get the cheap local produce on sale and b) shop the bulk bins, which often can be cheaper than buying the same from the store (or you can get organic for a similar price!!).

anyways, a diet with out meat, regardless of cost, is much better for your body and more compassionate.  :) welcome!!


Always watch out for geletin!!! It can be hidden in some foods that you don't expect (cereals for example, like frosted mini wheats). If you eat cheese, don't eat cheeses with rennet and make sure they have microbial enzymes, not animal enzymes.  As far as the vitamins added to foods go, I'm not really sure about those.... Maybe do a google search for further help you out.


milk derived: casein, whey, lactic acid, skim milk powder...etc
meat derived: rennet, gelatin, mono- and di-glycerides, tallow, lard, "natural flavors," shortening, etc


Sodium Casienate= milk derived. Urea= Urine and other bodily fluids, found in baked goods, pretzels. Whey


This was actually posted in another topic.  :P It takes a while, but eventually it becomes second nature to read product labels. Good luck!


Urea= Urine and other bodily fluids, found in baked goods, pretzels.

  ??? :o :-X



thanx. didnt think to do a search this morning cuz i was soo tired from being up for over 12 hrs. 12 hrs is usually my limit but im trying to change my sleeping schedule so im up during the day instead of the night. always a battle with me. i didnt know pee was a ingredient in stuff til i read a pp reply. i also found out that some companies use human hair in thier stuff (dont know what companies) and that ingredient is called cysteine/cystine. i got that info from  found this with a search i did earlier today. the pee and human hair is gross.


lactic acid is generally vegan. i remember a thread a long time ago on the topic!  the page linked above has a good guide to all things dairy and vegan but dairy sounding!  8)

the link you posted is actually one i was going to post--it's very good for anyone wondering about all kinds of things!

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