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my nite.

i had a busy but good nite. my friend jason is now my bf again. he came over and we talked while chasing merrick around. after merrick fell asleep in the hall around 8:30 we cuddled on the couch and talked until a few mins ago. it felt good to be in his arms again. if im still awake when he get online then i will tell him that we have to take it slow. i know he will understand b/c he was one of the first pple i told when i broke up with zack. he was actually better with merrick than zack was. im so glad that we remained good friends after i broke up with him 6 yrs ago. i actually do regret doing it but he scared me when he blew up at a teacher from our school. i know that he wont hit me or merrick. i learned a little more about him. we both have similar parenting styles even though he has no kids, still love the same kind of music, not into religion, he is very understanding that im bi. lol, merrick brought all his toys to jason and thats a first b/c he only knew jason for a hr b4 doing it. it makes me wonder if he felt safe around jason, like he knew i felt safe around him. i dunno that could be my sleepy head talking. sry so long. im going to bed now b4 i say anything else dumb.

:) I'm happy the two of you are getting a second chance. Children just seem to know these things!

It really is wonderful having someone to feel safe with, though.


yay! i'm happy about your night!  ;D


thanx. we had a eventful nite 2nite. i was going to go to his apt again but we stayed here b/c denny (zack's dad) dropped merrick off (was going to have him till tomorrow evening) b/c he had the flu, then not to long after that zack showed up. he asked if we could talk, i said no and shut the door. merrick surprised me again tonite, after i closed the door he ran into jason's arms. i think zack scared him when he knocked on the door after zack heard merrick cry. he was crying b/c i wouldnt let him out the door and it was his bed time. after i got merrick to bed we sat on the couch and watched the last few mins of jackie chan adventures (he watched it while i got merrick to sleep), then i put it on ncis and when that was over i put in chronicles of riddick. he left a few mins ago and is back at his place.

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