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My 15 minutes of fame.

This is just a ridiculous post and please don't think I am sitting her bragging.  I am really quite surprised.

A friend and I were playing on the computer late the other night.  Call it a couple of drinks in us and late at night and being a little punchy.  We googled "dragonfly vegan" and hidden amongst the references for the Dragonfly Vegan restaurant in the eastern US, were several other websites who had posted my recipes from this site.  There is also an internation database of links to vegan recipes that is under construction and from what I can tell, several of my recipes appear there.

I am surprised.  If you have recipes posted here, you might hunt you down and see if you can find your 15 minutes of fame too.  It is kind of fun.

What is serious fun is googling this site for my uncheese recipe.  You get my stuff, but what I find fun is when someone has posted a recipe they have made up using my uncheese mix.  They get way more creative and delicious than I have and it is fun to watch this.  The sauce is a very basic idea and so many of the others around here have elevated the sauce to elegant heights I'd have never ever thought of.  I feel honored and humbled at the same time.

Congratulations!!  That must feel pretty cool to know that your great idea inspires others to come up with their own culinary good ideas.  As for "finding yourself" on the internet, that's pretty cool, too.  I'm too darn afraid of what I'd find to google myself :o. 


Heehee! ::)  I'm the guilty party for using Dragonfly's Uncheese mix in my posted recipes!
It is so much smoother than any of Jo Stepanik's Uncheeses that I've tried... and more versatile too!

I'm making your "ribs" tomorrow night!!

If you come out with your own cookbook, sign me up for the first copy!  :D

0 likes just pleases me no end that others can enjoy this!  I am this earth mother, natural, homemaker type, a terrible nurturer sort.  I have to watch carefully not to smother mother people I know, not just with my own kids.  I am a doer and a giver, so finding that others outside my circle appreciate me makes me feel worthy. 

I grew up being told I was stupid, selfish, mean, inconsiderate and constantly told I would not ever be good enough at anything I ever tried to do, that other people found me obnoxious and could not stand has become important not so much for approval or "15 minutes of fame" so much as the need for appreciation.  I feel warm and appreciated when I come across these things.

Thank you for using my efforts for your own recipes!

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