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Mad as hell

I got really PO'd at a meeting today.  After the meeting some chatting was going on.  A co-worker was talking about how his parents feed his dog stuff he doesn't want them to eat so he can't leave them there.  Without thinking I said "oh yeah, it doesn't stop when you have kids either, my cousin and her husband are vegetarian (and they know I am) and her in-laws fed their kids meat".  He answers with "Well I don't think it is right to force being vegetarian on your children."  And he knows my kids were raised vegetarian.  Pissed me right off.  I reacted a little bit saying that vegetarian diets are actually more healthy but I knew my anger was showing through a little.  I went back to my office and sent the ADA position paper on vegetarian diets and another medical article on the benefits.  He just sends me back some bogus thing on how they can be harmful to their growing bodies and brains.  

I'm pissed off that he was so rude and I'm kind of pissed off that I bothered to engage in the debate.  I should know better by now.  

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