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A little good news

There's a lot of really sad news concerning animals right now. a shelter in Las Vegas let disease spread, so solved the problem by killing a thousand animals, a 77 yo woman died trying to save a cat from a house fire, some kittens survived weeks in the cold eating styrofoam(couldn't read that one-the headline was enough for me). . .but, here's a nice big pick-me-up. . .watch this. . .

I hope that link works. . .it's giving me a hard time. . .

Sweet.  I covet some of that cat furniture.  My 5 kitties would love it. 


My cat would LOVE that furniture! lol...he'd leave me to go live at the human society...hmm


I saw this really cute story yesterday morning, and it made my day!!

  Little charlie is so happy with his adopted family!

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