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im living here for the next two months and miss vegans and vegan potlucks dearly.  i know where some vegan resteraunts are, but theyre so expensive.  i would just love to sit down with a bunch of vegans and have a fantastic dinner again.  any one live around here?

I'm sorry....where??  ???


kobenhavn in denmark.


That would be Copenhagen to the English-speakers among us; Copenhague in French and Spanish.
My grandmother was from there originally, about 100 yrs ago.


i was wondering if i should write it the english way or the way i see it on the trains.  ive been trying to get into the habit of the danish way.  sorry. confusing!  there probably isnt anyone from here anyways... : (


Yabbitgirl is in Spain and I'm in Germany... and there are quite a few people around from the UK. (Being the reason why we're all answering now since it's afternoon here! ;) Everyone else is sleeeeeeeeping or should be!)
I can't recall anyone in Denmark though...


where in germany?  my ancestors came over from palantine in the 1800s.  i kind of want to visit there just to see where my heritage is from.  but i dont know whats around there, other than bordering countries.


i live in sweden.  in kobenhavn, you should be able to find a good amount of vegan restaurants, and regular restaraunts that have vegan choices.  ask around, and you should be able to find something.  they are usually buffet style and EXPENSIVE!!!!!!  like swedish, the word for vegan in danish should be the same, but you will pronounce it "ve-gon".  at those places, you will find some vegans to hang with.

here are some veg restaraunts in kobenhavn:
Den Grønne Kælder, 33930140 Pilestræde 48
Flow & Flowfood Take Away 33144343, Glydenløvesgade 10
Govindas 33337444 Nørre Farimagsgade 82

if you want to have an adventure and take the ferry over to Malmö in Sweden, you can go to these vegan restaraunts

Miso Vegokök    Brogatan 11, Tel 040-30 66 63. Open tue-sun 11.30-22.00. Totally smoke-free.
Vegankaféet i Malmö, Café Glassfabriken på Kristianstadgatan 16
Vegegården, Rörsjögatan 23, Tel 611 38 88

hope that helps a little! 



thanks! ive actually been to some of those resteraunts and they were very good!  im just looking for some vegans so i can have less expensive home cooked meals with other vegans.  people in my dorm dont quite enjoy my food.  ha.


Not that I've ever been anywhere near Denmark, but here's Happy Cow's listing for Copenhagen:


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