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Knit for a good cause!

Crafty VegWebbers who can knit should totally check out this link:

MSF (aka Doctors Without Borders) are running a project offering free knitting patterns. I'll quote from their site:

P/hop stands for pennies per hour of pleasure. As you are knitting your free pattern, ask yourself how many hours of pleasure it gave you. How many new techniques did you learn, for free? If you knitted from stash, how much did you save by not buying new yarn? What would all that be worth? What is the p/hop rating for what you just knitted? 10p an hour? 25p an hour?

There is no “set price” for a pattern. You can give 50p or £50 - it’s entirely up to you.

I'm especially enthusiastic about this cool project because I met an amazing lady today who's been working as a medical anthropologist for MSF for 13 years. I learned a little about the way MSF work with local people to stop infectious diseases and they're really worth supporting.

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