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juicer, blender, and/or food processor

Hi!  new here and want to set up my kitchen to support a mostly raw, vegan lifestyle.  Do I need to invest in all 3 appliances?  What do you all find the most useful?  Thanks for your thoughts!

I could not do without my blender or my food processor but I am not raw . . . . I always thought raw kitchens had different needs . . . I am surprised no one has replied.


^ because VW is a ghost town... i use my blender the most, if you plan on drinking a lot of green juice i would say juicer as well :)


Personally, I wouldn't suggest a juicer, but everybody has their preferences.  I don't like juicers because they extract the juice leaving the pulp as waste.

I have a NutriBullet and LOVE it.  You could also use a Magic Bullet too I think, costs a little less, but dosn't have the capacity that the NutriBullet has.  However, if you have the money to spend, the top of the line is the VitaMix.  Oh how I wish I could afford the VitaMixer, but the NutriBullet does well for my needs.

The NutriBullet does really well making smoothies, "cream" sauces (such as vegan cashew alphredo sauce) and soups.   It liquifies everything turning it into a paste or fine sauce without removing the pulp.  Less waste and you keep the fiber. 


I also use it to grind nuts into powder, grind flax seeds, and I make pancake mix in it.  But it doesn't do well chopping veggies, like a food processor, it pretty much liquifies everything that goes into it. 


Personally, I think a NutriBullet and a food processor are what you need.  I use my Nutribullet more then anything, but I also use my food processor too.  If you can afford it and you like to bake, a stand Mixer is the way to go.  I have  a Cuisinart stand mixer and LOVE it.  I love to make bread and cookies with that. 


I replaced my Magic Bullet with a Ninja Pulse.  Love it. It does everything the Bullet did and better, and comes with a 40-oz. container with blade which functions as a processor.  I use it for everything.


I have a juice and I dont use it much because its a pain to clean. I use the magic bullet a lot. I say start off with that or the Nutribullet.

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