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It's Friday, here's a couple letters to write!

Help end the suffering of dogs used in the Iditarod:

As a Christian myself, this one really disappoints me.  Ask Christian monks to stop torturing birds:

I dont think you understand that sport. These dogs don't suffer and i'm not being rude or anything but heres the truth. I was in alaska on a dog sled farm. These dogs cry whimp bark anything to get to run. These dogs are not forced to go , but force the owners to take them. These dogs love it, its thier live, thier nature so don't worry about it. These dogs beg for it.

This same argument is used everywhere. I know horse owners (and I don't have a huge problem with horse owners-someone has to keep them, they can't really be free anymore) that say the horses love to go riding-they get excited when they are getting saddled-up. . .maybe the horse is just excited that he's getting to do something, and that taking a person for a little run is going to be his only opportunity to go for a little run. I'm sure the dogs do want to get out and run, but I'm equally certain that they want to get out and run away. . .on their own. Animals will get to a point where they are trained and are willing to do what their people ask of them, but, that's really just because they are trained that way.


In a similar vein, some people pitch a fit over dogs riding in the open bed of pickup trucks around here (all over the South, actually).  I tell them that most of the time the dog jumps up in the bed and wants to go with.  It's dangerous and I wish folks would make their dogs stay home but it's kinda the dogs choice.  I just hate it when the dog gets excited and jumps out to chase something and gets run over or lost!  Animals do have minds of their own but like we adults have to protect 2 year olds from doing whatever they want, the owners need to take care of their animals.


It's dangerous and I wish folks would make their dogs stay home but it's kinda the dogs choice. 

Dogs can't build a truck, they can't drive a truck, they don't understand the dangers of a truck. . .if they did, they wouldn't be getting hit by them. . .  It can't be the dog's choice if the dogs don't understand the consequences, it's the driver's choice when the driver starts driving away with the dog in the back of the truck--the same way it's the driver's choice to drive away with a child in his car seat, or out of his car seat. . .

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