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Important Question about Veganise

Can you freeze veganise?  I have several glass jars of it and I am wondering about throwing them into the freezer.  Please advise.  Anyone done this?  Thanks.

You cannot freeze vegenaise. It says so right on the bottle. If you do, it'll turn yellow, chunky and completely undesirable.


Personally, I can't stand vegan mayo BUT I would say take a couple tablespoons of it, put it in a plastic bag or small container and pop it in the freezer overnight, if you come back the next morning and defrost it and it still tastes good, then sure go for it.  Keep in mind it will probably get chunky and change color as sb said, but you could probably put it in a blender or a food processor and wizz it back to being smooth.

if you try this, lemme know how it goes


You could also just keep the extras unopened and refrigerated. I don't think it will go bad, even after the expiration (from a person who buys a lot of expired food for cheap). :)


MAKE SOME VEGAN RANCH ASAP!!! I go through at least 1 large bottle a week making ranch <3

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