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If it ain't broke.... (2006 forum format feedback)

Theres an old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"  WHY all the changes on this site? Is it for the benefit of the users?  No one was complaining about it before as far as I could tell, so what is the reason? Its totally confusing and just not all that great anymore.  I don't know if I'll be back here.


Let's try a little patience with Yvette. I'm sure she had reasons for doing what she's doing. We just need to hold on and wait through the changeover process before we rush to judgment.  Things may be better after all.


Patience people, patience!!!

Give Yvette a minute or two to work her magic!! 

I've been posting here for almost 9 years (yikes!!) and in that time our gracious host has made many changes... all of them turned out to be good... so be patient!

(ps I'm sensing there is a troll at work here...(not you daf-) there are a lot of new 'faces' with only one post, hmmmmmm)


a troll??...a troll!!

what's a troll? OMG!! is it a virus or a bug or a hacker or sumpen?

its an imposter!!!

hide your candy!!!


what is annoying me is the 10000 new posts about it. freakin' read the threads that already exist and post there. for the love of tofu.

i agree, freak'n troll city here. "i'll just go in to complain".

i just sorted a mess of drink recipies. it's pretty easy. if everyone did a little as they got them set up then we'll be set faster! it took a bit to do it but, heck, it was fine. it looks like the new system for doing recipies will be nice  ;D ;D ;D


I was wondering why drinks kept disappearing ;D


cause i'm on the sort team!

one + baypuppy = drink sorting vegheads!  ;D

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