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I'd like to know a little about you...

Yeah, so i came in here all gung-ho and like, hey - let's start a new thing - but i never introduced myself and don't know much about all of you.
I'm steph, i got married this july and have 2 kitty friends. i stopped eating meat 11 years ago and never think about eating it again, even though my mom still isn't used to it. oh well, maybe 2 decades will do it. i sing as a nighttime'job', put designs on shirts during the day and make jewelry in my spare time (hoping to make it a career)
i'm sort of new to veganism and finding it hard to transition since i live in such a rural depressed area  :-\ and would appreciate some tips. thanks for the time and tell me about yourself.

I'm Mark, but my friends call me Markles or Kram or kramsicle or kramberry or krambrulet (sp?) and several other odd nicknames. i've been veg*n for 10 years now and have inspired many others to open their minds and try a plant based diet. i grew up and live in the city but i would really like to move to the country and raise horses and grow a lot of my own food.

i also drink too much red wine and my friends think i'm weird.


Hi Steph -- I'm a divorced, homeschooling mother of seven (6 girls, 1 boy). I've been playin' with veg*sm for a few years, and only committed for a couple of months. I live in a wonderful,( yeah, really) little town where I am beloved as the local weirdo. Most of the people around here are ranchers -- some of my best friends are ranchers, but we still manage to love each other. As for understanding each other. . .that's why my computer's on most of the day--so I can keep checking in with you wonderful people here!  :)


I'm Ashley, I've been vegan for 6 months.  I go to high school in the morning for 2 hours to learn organic chemistry and math, and then take the rest of my classes through correspondence at home.  That's why I'm on the computer (and vegweb) a lot!

As far as interests and things, I love cooking and feeding other people.  Eating--not so much.  I love art and I'm an avid origami enthusiast.  I'm really excited to be putting on my first art show in April!!  I also love being active.  I treat Pilates like a religion, haha! 


Hey Steph - I am a relatively new vegetarian and found VegWeb by accident, but I'm so glad!  I live in a small town (20,000) and work at a small university that I absolutely love.  While our town does have a health food store and some natural and organic products at the local grocery store, I feel very alone sometimes (i.e. the lone vegetarian).  I was actually told at our university grill that we had "lots of vegetarian options - grilled cheese, veggie burgers and salads".  Grrrrr!!

Other than that my life is pretty quiet - I live on-campus with my three cats and I'm happily single.  It's so nice to meet you :)     





I'm also a huge Smiths fan, which is relevant mainly only to other Smiths fans. 


Hi Steph, nice to meet you. I am new to the vegan world myself. I decided to start a 15 day detox diet on Jan 1st, this comprised of a veagan diet with no preservatives or additives etc and herbal sups. At the end of it I felt so much better and healthier I just kept going. Something i wish i had opted along time ago! better late than never eh! I also stopped smoking.
I work in a communications environment and live in Australia at the beach.
I love cooking and eating....................hence finding this site.
My goal now is to learn to surf!


Hi Steph -  I am Heidi... I am fairly new to vegweb...  my hubby and I have been eating vegan for coming up three years... though we have fallen of the band wagon a few times and had some cheese when we were who knows what that really makes us... but anyways... I am a grade one school teacher in Australia and we have just started our school year so I don't often get the chance to post... my hobbies are digital scrapbooking and cooking new stuff...  my best friends in the kitchen are my blender and greenstar juicer... and my most essential ingreadient is cashews!
Nice to meet you...


I'm Elaine, a librarian for 30+ years (with dreams about retiring soon) and a vegetarian for close to 30 years. I'm a vegan wannabe but currently more of a strict vegetarian. My husband and I raised 3 incredibly wonderful vegetarian children, all now grown and out of the house. Our oldest daughter lives in Boston, our son in Chicago and North Carolina, and our youngest daughter lives with her boyfriend and cat nearby. My husband and I live in a medium-sized, conservative community in a conservative state, have 1 dog, Baby (don't ask), and 3 grandcats, Loden, MacLean, and Zoe.

One of the most wonderful things about this forum is the diversity of people--nationalities, beliefs, and traditions, health, wealth, ages, and educational levels--and yet everyone gets along, for the most part. We are a family after all  ;) and nobody gets along all the time. Everyone here has his/her bad days and triggers, but everyone also makes a concerted effort to listen to each other, to be considerate of each other, to support each other, and to keep it "nice."

VegWeb is an amazing place and I'm sure you'll love it here.


Nice to meet you, Stephsings77.  It's also nice to meet all the other new VegWebbers.  It's incredibly encouraging, as a vegan (still nervous about labelling myself as such, but I feel comfortable using the term here--you all understand) with few veg*n acquaintances and friends, to see that there are so many of you out there.  It fills me with hope.  This is truly a beautiful community, full of so many beautiful people.

I've been around VegWeb off and on for about 4 years, since I made the transition into a vegetarian diet (I've been 1.5 years vegan).  I never did much posting at first, shying away from the boards, and went by a different nickname for the first couple years (I think it was xallysonx).  This site has been a constant inspiration for me, even without the Q&A, and definitely helped me make the move to veganism.  I remember wondering at first "how come they won't let me post any recipes with cheese in them?"  I soon realized there was a whole other world of food to be explored.  I'm glad I did.

I live alone in a small (500 sq. foot) apartment, with a kitty named Kava, who is 5 months old.  My brother lives upstairs in a separate apartment with his roommate and longtime buddy.  We bought this house last September.  It's 112 years old, and I'm having fun being a new home-owner.  I have a wonderful boyfriend who dreams the wildest things at  night and works on his philosophy and technology thesis by day.  I'm proud to say I've been the catalyst in his giving up KFC.  I think it's a small victory, and hope to see more in the future.  Is it too much to ask of him to try veg*ism?  I hope not, but I want it to be his decision, not mine.

I study philosophy and science at my local university, and am preparing for entry into a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine program (with hopes to create my own system of wellness--I'm already working on it).  I work part-time, am currently taking classes and studying for level two of Yoga Teacher Training and love to cook.  I try to respect the environment as best I can, and hope to build a grease car this summer when i return to Terra Nova National Park as an Interpreter.  The car in question is a 25+ year old VW Rabbit--I just hope I can get a good deal from the seller!

As always, I am long-winded.  My apologies.  ::)  Shantih (peace) and Prem (love),


Hi, Steph.  My name is Kelley.  I am from PA also.  My husband and I decided to go vegan last November and we have been enjoying it ever since. I'm learning so much from this site.  I can't remember how I found vegweb but I'm sure glad I did.  Everyone here seems very nice.  I don't have any kids, but I have a 3 yr old pug named, Guy.  I also like to make beaded jewelry for fun.    :)


Hi Steph and all the new people.  Welcome to Vegweb! 
I am Tomina (too mee nuh-- yeah its a weird one!)  ::)  and I go by firefightress.  I am a firefighter (hard to figure that one out, eh?) near Kansas City, Missouri/Kansas and have only been vegan for about 1 year now.  Luckily I found this site immediately after deciding to go vegan and it has helped me so much with the recipes and the support and knowledge of the wonderful people here.  I went pretty much straight vegan from omni after reading The China Study and have been educating myself eversince to all the numerous reasons veganism benefits not only my health and animals, but our world.  I couldn't be happier with my choice to go vegan!

I have two horses, a 3 year old Paint gelding- Chance- that I raised from birth and a 6 year old Quarter Horse mare- Shimmer.  They are spoiled rotten, love people, and entertain me to no end with their character and personalities.  I also have a spoiled-rotten 7 year old Doberman, Toby, who I rescued from the pound at 6 months old.  Toby scares the heck out of the delivery people and new neighbors just by his looks, but will lick anyone to death.  He is the one of the sweetest dogs, people always tell me, they've ever met.     

This is truly a wonderful site, and as Bookmama pointed out, we are a multitude of different people with diverse backgrounds, but the atmosphere here is extremely respectful, encouraging, nonjudgmental, and helpful to each other.  


Hi Steph,

I live in Sacramento, CA.  I am a math teacher and grad student in my last semester (crossing my fingers).  The grad school pretty much consumes all of my time right now, but vegweb is my guilty pleasure when I can't stand thinking about my thesis.  I really want pets, but am waiting to be done with school.  I was vegetarian throughout high school, but sadly, stopped for many years.  I've been vegan now for 5 months, and I can't see myself turning back.  I've chosen to be vegan for so many reasons, including animal welfare, the environment, health, and my faith.  I am blessed to live in a pretty veg-friendly city, and to have a supportive family and husband.


P.S. I love you all!  :-* :-* :-*


hi steph & welcome to vegweb!  I've been vegetarian for around 8 years and recently went vegan (about 7 months now).  I've been married for 3 years to a wonderful man who is also vegan. (no children yet).  We live in a small town in Ohio and we don't have any veg*n friends and there are very few places that carry veg*n things.  I don't mind though since it forces me to use more fresh ingredients rather than processed stuff.

We have 3 furkids - 2 dogs, Ghengis who is a golden retriever/chow mix with an amazing personality.  She loves tofu!  Another doggie named Holli who is a lhasa apso.  We have a kitty named Anthrax - he's all white.  We adopted him during the time that anthrax was being sent through the mail and with him being all white the name just fit.  I really wanted to name him Q-Tip but my hubby liked Anthrax better.  :)

I work full time as a secretary at a home for MR/DD individuals (mental retardation/developmentally disabled).  My job is very rewarding and I've grown so attached to many of our residents in the 6 years I've worked there.  I'd love to finish college some day with a degree in Art Therapy.  I'd love to work with handicapped children someday.


Hi there!  I love vegweb!

    We are in Asheville, NC (I usually am the one writing, but from time to time, Will posts as nutdragon, too).  I am an interior designer and Will makes custom furniture and cabinetry.  We own a small design/build studio.  Our focus is sustainability and keeping our dollars in Asheville as long as possible.  Ironically, it was vegetarianism that brought us to sustainability, not the other way around. I originally became veg for my own health, Will became veg for the animals.  He likes animals FAR & AWAY more than any human he's ever met.
    We are mostly vegan (don't claim to be however; there is an awful lot of peripheral things that go with the term "vegan" that do not necessarily define us).  From time to time we eat eggs (my mother has 3 hens on an organic farm that live in absolute luxury -heated house custom built and designed!- and have been known to storm the doggie door and hide in the laundry room if a hawk is hanging around.  Nothing like coming home to three hens clucking and fluffing the bath mat.  They are the funniest, most entertaining girls - for some reason they REALLY remind me of my granny and her sisters.  Those are the only eggs we eat and I make no apologies for it.)
We have a yellow lab (that's my Raika in the pix) and two cats who hate each other (and it's getting worse).
    I think dietary choice is a very personal (spiritual) pursuit.  Or at least is should be.  So many people tend to blindly consume without thought or consideration to what effect that food may have on the body, the environment, to other creatures, or to other people.
    Asheville is very supportive to our philosophy and after bouncing around for the last ten years, I'd say we'll be here a while.
  Welcome to a good group!
Take care, Liz


Hi!  I'm fairly new to this board as well.  I'm a opera singer with a music day-job in NYC, but I'm originally from New Orleans & grew up in South Louisiana & SE Texas.  I went from omni to vegan this summer & have been somewhere in between vegan & ovo-lacto for about 7 months now.  I originally went veg as an experiment after being inspired by my brother's new mother-in-law, who is (practically) vegan.  The experiment transformed into a long-term/life commitment after I read about animal abuse on factory farms & the health advantages of being vegan.  I love to cook (and eat), so I've really enjoyed playing with new ingredients and exploring veg cuisine.  I have one adopted animal child - my fabulous cat Begira, who thinks he's a person...


Hi all!  I love this post, it's so nice learning more about you all!  :)

I'm Andrea and I've been married for a little over 2 years to my DH, Chris.  We live just outside of St. Louis but on the Illinois side.  We have a cutie-pie labradoodle named Maggie, she's my baby!  No kids, not really interested in that.  But maybe more dogs one day? 

I love food and also enjoy cooking so that works out well.  I became a vegetarian literally overnight after watching the "Eating" DVD given to me by a coworker.  I then read "Diet for a new America" and have been slowly transitioning to giving up all animal products.  I don't eat eggs or drink milk but every once and a while I have some cheese. 

I work in information technology developing websites, it's ok but not what I want to be when I grow up!  When I'm not working, I like running with my dog, working out, reading, movies, travel, music, scrapbooking, and I just learned how to crochet.  And I'm so glad I found VegWeb, you all are awesome!  :)


Hi, I'm Leah, nice to meet you all and exited to read about the interesting lives of the vegwebbers. 

I've been getting recipes off of here forever, but only recently started to post things from time to time. I've been vegetarian since I was 12 and vegan for the last 5 years. I've recently moved from Houston, Texas to rural Minnesota (yikes: still adjusting to the major climate change!).

I'm a special ed teacher and I love my work. Something new every day. I'm also an avid runner and I think I could pretty much live outside in a tent from April until October. I'm still adjusting to living in a small town again, and being the only vegan for miles around, but I appreciate all the wonderful and peaceful outdoor opportunities Minnesota affords me. (I'm even trying to put all this blasted snow to use by learning to cross country ski.)



Hi Steph and everyone else!

My name is Lauren and I have only been vegetarian for a couple of weeks, even thought I have never eaten chickens as I love them far too much. I was bought up in a small rural town on a chicken farm, and have lived in both Chile and New Zealand. I am currently in New Zealand and getting ready to marry my wonderful fiancee, and I work in the Cardiology Department of my town's public hospital. At the moment I am super passionate about telling people not to eat pork, I have been reading some pretty scary articles about the evils of pork. Hello to everyone, and may our days be full of veggies!


;D Hi,
I am new here I accidentally came across this site a week maybe 2 weeks ago. When I found it I still ate eggs. After reading posts and more info it took all of 48 hours for me to rid my home of all animal products. Now as of 2 days ago I also got rid of 98% of my chemical cleaners!

I have 4 children 2 boys 2 girls. I homeschool all of them, my 13 yr old is starting college classes in the fall. I have 2 dogs, 2 cats a bird and a turtle. I have been with my husband for 12 years and married to him for 7 years.  He just 2 weeks ago gave up meat as he says "by force".

He is really happy about this site because he says he feels like he isnt missing anything the recipes are great. I am very social I love chatting. I work 2 days a week for Mickey Mouse it is my break. I often find myself taking college classes. I started with an AA in psychology I went for that so I could better understand and teach my children.  Now the classes I take are primarily so I have more knowledge when teaching my children. I have no desire to become anything big or fancy, just a great person who helps those in need and saves those who can't save themselves (animals).
So anyway that is a little about me. My life revolves around my family and animals.



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