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I wish...

i wish i could eat like a normal person.

i'll eat super duper healthy for like a week and then start bingeing again. like a few weeks ago my diet mainly consisted of fruits and i was perfectly fine. i loved it. then for some reason, the past two weeks, i havent even seen a fruit. all i do is binge and think about food.

recently they're getting way worse. before i'd eat normally all day and then binge around dinner time. for the past week, though, i binge for every meal! ugh i hate it.  :'(

what do you all wish for?

I wish I could just cook 1 meal that everyone in the house ate without complaining and it was not a bunch of things that only 1 or 2 people ate. Or, at least when I cook a bunch of things to satisfy everyone's differences, someone else would wash the pans instead of leaving them until I get frustrated enough to wash them all.


Semiveg... that sounds like what my stepmom does! She cooks several different meals each night because my brothers, my step-siblings, and my dad are all super picky! Plus, my stepmom herself can't eat anything with gluten or dairy! Sorry you have to do that too... I bet it's pretty difficult!

As for what I wish... I wish I could find a part-time job now that I moved. I swear I'm a good worker... someone hire me!

I also wish that September 4th would get here a little faster, so at least being in school would make me feel a bit more productive!


I wish I could sleep through the night, at least 6-7 hrs.


I wish someone else posted here besides just me.

I wish so many changes hadn't been made to something that actually used to make me smile.


I wish that soon society catches up with the technology that has turned us on our head in the last ten years. I wish people looked up from their phones when they ordered beverages at Starbucks. I wish everyone realized that heavily trafficked websites that collect resources from many contributors are, although technically the property of one,  really the property of all and they shouldn't be discontinued on a whim and the accumulated knowledge put out of everyone's reach.

I wish I could find that cranberry cookie recipe that someone mentioned at the end of AC's review thread.


And I also wish that posters acknowledged replies that are made to their posts and, regardless of whether they found the comments helpful or not, thanked people for taking the time to reply.


What JKL said!!

I wish people still acknowledged people who don't have Facebook as living beings.



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