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I need 5 minutes of your time for my research project!

Hi guys, I'm currently writng a research project on vegitarianism/veganism and it's place in traddtional male gender roles. I would really love it if you could take 5 minuites of your time to complete my survey. You need to be 18+ to do it but that is the only criteria (apart form being a vegitarian/vegan of course!). Just click the link below

Thnk you! :)

Completed it. I think you should have offered comment boxes after some of the questions.

Good luck with the project.


Hi some of the quesitons were confusing. Also, I wanted to add that I think it is seen as "manly" to eat red meat (especially bacon, which I don't uderstand)..  I also think it is considered "feminine" to eat meat because where I live the salad bars are packed with women getting grilled chicken on top of their salads.  So I thnk society sees red meat = manly men and poultry/fish = feminine (and skinny) women.

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