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i hate relationship drama

okay i just want to start off by saying, yeah i realize my sister really screwed up... and i'm sorry this is long.

a few days before christmas my sister and her boyfriend of 6 years broke up. she'd been really unhappy for a while saying he didnt feel like he loved her and kept nagging her, etc (she wasnt really much nicer to him). well.. for a few weeks before they broke up my sister had kind of been leaning on his friend Dave for support and he was telling her that he thinks Ian (the xbf) doesnt treat her right, he would treat her better, blah blah blah....

so they broke up, my sister and dave started hanging out and now of course they're dating, but they started dating like the second week of january. my sister, corey, had 2 cats with her xbf and he's keeping one of them but the other cat, lucy, is just really mean sometimes, is really only nice to my sister. he gave her til the end of february to find her another home (my parents have 2 cats and can't have another cuz the 2 they have already agrivates my moms allergies, and i can't take the cat because dean has bad allergies)

ANYWAY... about an hour and  a half ago Ian showed up at my front door and when i opened it he said "these are corey's" and tossed a bag of clothes inside and set the cat carrier inside. turns out Dave told Ian today what was going on and Ian had been hoping to get back together with Corey. We all had been bothering her to tell Ian because it's not right to just let him keep thinking that they had a chance and he deserves better than that.

at first i was really mad and i called my sister, who was out to dinner with Dave, but the cat kept crying and i still can't keep it. She picked it up about an hour ago and was crying, i feel really bad. But i feel bad for Ian too. I don't know what to do, especially because Ian most likely knows that we all knew for the last month+ and i'm afraid that he's going to not speak to us anymore. I tried calling him but he wouldn't pick up...

Alright, that's my soap-opera, I needed to get that out  :-\

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