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i dunno wether i should be disgusted or laughing...

earlier merrick took his diaper off, put some small tomatoes in his used diaper then left it at the bottom of the fridge ???. i did clean the fridge and put the tomato diaper in the trash.

That's just funny.  ;D


that's funny

well, for me reading, i'm not sure i'd be laughing if i had to clean it--or would i?  
i like to laugh...


lol. he didnt mash them. he just set them in his diaper and closed the door. i was laughing when i told my mom, she didnt laugh, she just said that i had a sicker mind than she did.


Giggling...gee, if you lived in London you could put the whole fridge in the Tate Modern (art museum) and call it an "installation"! You'd probably get the Turner Prize as well....
You could call it: "Meat Cuisine: A Veg*n's Perspective" or something of that sort...
(sorry, sleep-deprived today...)

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