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homemade body wash?

  Can anyone tell me where I can find out how to make body wash.  I have found some sites.  I'm not sure they are natural igredients.


Thank you Laura, maybe I can add a moisturizer to it also?  I have dry skin, during the winter, the weather can turn cold.  Lows in the single digits this week.


Here's my dirty little secret: I've barely used any kind of body wash or soap for the past year. I rub myself clean under the shower daily with a washcloth, and that's it. If I'm * really * dirty, e.g. muddy and sweaty after a long hike, I may use some aleppo soap, but for normal life just the washcloth is fine. I do still use an organic deodorant, and nobody has complained of any smell - and I have a respectable office job and all :) Bonus: hardly ever had any problems with dry skin since, except when the weather has been really extremely cold and dry. In that case, virgin coconut oil is a great moisturiser: it's expensive, but a tiny bit goes a long way, and it's delicious in cooking, too :) 

I do wash my hands with soap btw, you know, at hand-washy moments, as it's proven to be one of the best ways of preventing disease. Other than that though, I don't think much soap is necessary in life. 

Seriously, give it a try: there is a wealth of information on going soap-free and shampoo-free ("no poo" - done that too and my hair has never looked better) on the internet.

If that sounds a little too smelly hippy for you though - and I wouldn't blame you - check out : I haven't actually tried any of her recipes, but I love the blog and a friend of mine makes a lot of beauty products from there and swears by them. 

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