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I'm having a new male friend over tonight for dinner.  What should I make?  It's got to impress!  He likes just about everything.  Anyone have any suggestions?

i'll tell you what i'm making for a romantic dinner tonight for my boyfriend... i've never tried it from scratch before so we could be recipe testing buddies...

i'm going to try a gormet vegan pizza. i found a pizza dough recipe online that's supposed to be really good, and will top with roasted veggies (i'm thinking red pepper, zucchini and portabello would be a good combo) and a veg cheese topping. i'll be serving with a nice white wine and a pretty salad (baby greens, cucumbers, walnuts and cranberries).... mmmm

now i just have to hope my dough works out. :) it's casual, but still classy, and (hopefully) delicious. plus, everyone likes pizza.

my other suggestion would be something like a lasagna, or, my personal favourite, "the voluptous vegan" recipe for chickpea crepes with roasted veggies... super impressive! either way, you want a meal that you can mostly make ahead and have baking or otherwise nearly done when your gentleman friend comes over.


This is very bf LOVES it. I put in potatoes, carrots, corn, diced onions.

I made a side dish of mashed potatoes and gravy

and sataued spinach and chard in garlic with olive oil.

Simple if you buy a pre packaged crust.

Have fun tonite. I'm buying veggie sushi rolls tonite! Yum


I made this for my husband for Valentine's Day and he loved it.  Pretty easy too! 


What about a sun-dried tomato, spinach, (optional garbanzos beans, to round out the entree), and red pepper pasta, dressed with garlic olive oil and sprinkled with pine nuts? (Light on garlic, if you must. : P) That would be simple, pretty, and you wouldn't have to spend all day in the kitchen. Serve with wine of your choosing, and maybe a light soup course?
Pizza sounds good as well, providing he won't be one of those "What, no cheese?" people. Silly... I've decided that even if I weren't vegetarian, I'd prefer pizza without cheese-- you can't taste the yummy crust and toppings when it's dripping with that goop!


Thanks everyone for your suggestions!  Since the guy and I are pretty much in the very early stages still I didn't want to take it too seriously.  Plus, he like vegetarian dishes, but he is definitely a meat eater.  So...  I ended up making the Hot Fries recipe from this site, (which are awesome by the way and soooo easy, I'm going to go post a comment about them as soon as I'm done here), and I also made philly "un"steak cheese sandwiches with portobellas from a recipe I got through a wild oats email newsletter.  Oh yeah, and I made some killer guacamole for munch'in on while everything was cooking.  I must say it was all a big hit!  And, I'm eating some leftover spicy fries right now, though I miss the crispness, they still kick booty!

Thanks again!


Sorry, I ment Spicy Fries!

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