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Just wanted to stop in and say hi. My teaching schedule has been insane this quarter but I am starting to get in the groove and I am hoping to stop in more often. I miss talking w/ like minded people. I've been browsing a few threads and I have missed a lot. Hope every one is well out there.


hey tanevab! good to hear from you! hope you do get some time to stop by!  :)


Hello back. I have been the same, work is quite busy and dont want to face my laptop at the end of a day after using a computer for work. I have missed everyone too!
Welcome back  :)


Hey, Tanevab!! Good to see ya! 8)
Now if someone could just find Idioglossia...she's been on my mind...


I have seen idioglossia pop in from time to time, but I haven't seen duckalucky since she moved. I miss her wise and articulate comments.  :(

Tanevab, hope you'll be stopping back by often again!


Marthamydear is also not posting so often.  I sent her a personal messag to which she hasn't responded either.  I hope she's OK and just very, very busy.  I also hope that my up-front Christianity isn't alienating her since she's an avowed atheist.  I just try to put my opinions and the Good Word out there and those that need it will find it when the time is right for them.  God still loves atheists even though they don't believe in Him much less love him back.  I try to live by Jesus' words in John 13:34.  For those of you who don't have your Bible handy: "A new commandment I give unto you.  That ye love one another, as I have loved you, that ye also love one another."  Authorized King James Version.

Oh, I intended to say this too but forgot so I modified message:  It's great to see you back tanevab! 


Hey, I'm an atheist and I still like ya tintexas! ;)  ;)
Atheists usually aren't offended by Christianity, only by lack of respect for a different point of view.

...Just keep it to yourself and your group of believers and we won't yammer on about how God is just pretend. ;)
I know the bible front to back, in my sleep and can read the old testament in the original Hebrew... so I can bring it...

OK honestly, I'm just teasing you. ;)  I find you, and everyone on vegweb, always respectful of each other regardless of POV.
I'm sure martha just got busy.


Tanevab, I thought there was someone in your family recently who was ill.

Is everything okay?

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