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Good news for Torontonians....+

A new health food store just opened up somewhat close to me.  Planned on making the trek to Whole Foods today but it is not that close.
The chain is called Planet Organic and there are 5 out west and one in Halifax.  It is a Canadian chain.
I emailed the company awhile back when I drove by the location and saw that it was opening soon.  Had never heard of Planet Organic. They emailed back saying sometime in the spring.  My friend called me a few minutes ago to say she saw a full page ad in the Mississauga news that it is now open and that they plan to open 7 more locations in the greater Toronto area in the next two years.
For those in the west end or Mississauga, the store is on Lakeshore Road between Cawthra and Hurontario.  Don't have the exact address.  For those that use to go to Alternatives in Port Credit, Planet Organic has taken over that location.
(Very sad day when the two Alternatives closed in Oakville and Port Credit).  I suspect they couldn't complete when the huge Whole Foods opened up near their Oakville location.  Alternatives was kind of a grass roots health food store.
So when I motivate in the next few minutes, I am going to check it out!  :)


ohh, that's fantastic for you!!  :) now if only they could open something in my area that would be fantastic.

The store was really nice.  Some things were pricey but they usually are at HFS's.  I bought a lot as I am starting a new pantry.  They didn't have Soyrizo though so I will still have to make a trip to Whole Foods in the near future.
They had some wonderful in-store specials so I took advantage of that.  Bought 4 Ecover Dishwashing Liquid.  Totally ecological stuff.  Wolfgang Puck has a line of organic broths now and they were on sale so I bought 4 vegetable broths.  They were on sale for $2.99 Canadian!  The Ecover was $3.99 and it is large, 1 Litre or 33.8 fluid ounces.
Their best sale was organic Broccoli.  99 cents and huge!  Bought of couple of them so the critters and I will be eating it for a couple of days.
It was a little sad walking in there when that was the Alternatives store before, that I was so fond of.  None the less, it fills a need and it is a Canadian company.  Nice to support it.
I will definitely go back on a regular basis. 
Do you not have a good health food store near you at all?  It is a pain to have to drive far to find something you can't find anywhere else. 


P.S.  I think the best thing about Organic Planet is if they are going to open 7  mores stores in the Greater Toronto area in the next two years, it means people want them! 

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