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Fired-Up Fridays VI

I wasn't all here, so how did it go?

I was down for 2 days with food poisoning, so I don't know.  I just stopped by to check!


I'm sorry you were sick, RobinMc, but, how does a vegan get food poisoning? I thought we were immune.  :-\  Sorry.


E coli bacteria can be carried on raw vegetables that have been improperlie handled. This is one of the reasons that washing your veggies is very important. Also bacteria can grow in veg food too if improperly stored or kept too long.

Hope you are feeling better now robinmc :)


So for the 23rd, Issaspiders had a wonderful idea:

Maybe this could be a Fired Up Friday of the main reasons why schools serve this garbage is that the government subsidizes things like fried meats, sugary cereals, etc. and not legumes, vegetables, fruits, and whole grain products.

Write schools and request healthier lunches! I suggest we start now, and discuss our letters and key points and such waaay ahead of time, so we'll all be ready on friday. Yes/No?


Absolutely, BUT, if the government's paying, we need to address whoever it is that's in charge of what they're paying for. If they start to refuse to pay for cr*p, then they'll all have to serve better "food". Does that make sense? Who would that be, by the by? I don't think complaining directly to schools will do much good, they're pretty much just going with it. . .I think? I might be mistaken.


The Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine has a whole part of their website devoted to this issue, and it might be of some help:

As far as the national body in charge of school lunches, that would be the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), but it might also be worth looking at what your state already does and writing to your state representatives.  In California, for example, since 2003 we've had a Healthy School Lunch resolution on the books (passed by the California Senate) that says that there should be one veg entree offered each day in all public schools.  I believe New York has something similar.  So, in cases like these it would definitely be worth writing to your local school district and/or city government to request that they comply with the resolutions.  If your state doesn't have anything like this, you could write to your local representative and ask them to pass such a thing.  In California the American Heart Association etc. worked to get it passed, so it was reasonably nonpartisan (it probably also had soy lobby money behind it, I'm gonna guess).

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