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Every once in a while...

Often times as a teacher I feel like I'm just not getting through but then out of the clear blue it will happen. One of my students came to me today about becoming a vegetarian. She wants to provide better health for her and her young child :) :) :) :) I guess sometimes they do listen. It always gives me the energy to come to work one more day when this happens. Just wanted to share my moment of zen.

One heart at a life to another. It will be interesting to see the ripple effect. I'm sure it will spread wider than you'll ever know. Good job.



But you know how parents are.  I hope they don't get in your face about it.


That's one nice thing about teaching college, i don't have to deal with parents parents very often. :) And when I do I can simply say your son/daughter is an adult and you will have to take it up with them. I will of course talk to parents if the student requests me to, but this is rare.

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