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Okay, dreams are wierd.  I have the strangest ones!

This morning I was dreaming about "rutger" apples and "rutger" horses.  Not sure if it was rutger or rutgar.  Either which way, I don't think I ever have heard that word before.  If I have, I don't remember where.  In the dream I really thought there was such a thing as rutger apples, like red delicious apples except rutger apples.  And the same for the horse, not a quarter horse or a Tennessee walking horse, but a rutger horse.....


There's a Rutgers University, very expensive and exclusive.
And of course Rutger Hauer, the actor.


Just Googled "Rutger" and apparently it's quite a common first name - there's a soldier, athlete, actor...
But a search for "rutger apples" just brings up a whole host of studies on apples done by Rutgers University. Dreams are funny! Wonder where (if?) you heard the term.

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