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Dragonfly, you make awesome recipes!! I am so incredibly impressed with your bulk uncheese sauce. With all the amazing reviews, I am surprised it has taken me this long to make it! It is going to be in my kitchen always... May I put your recipe on my website Dragonfly, cause I would like as many people as possible to experience the bliss of Dragonflys Uncheese Sauce!! Thank You, again! It is my new comfort food.

I agree... Dragonfly is amazing. We should make her an Un-Cheese Trophy... out of tofu. Or something. It would be like an Un-Cheese Chia Pet by the time it arrived at her house though... ah well; who wouldn't want Tofu-trophy?


if you think the cheeze is good, try the rib recipe! YUMM  :-*


Now that I have tried the uncheese, I will be trying more, they all look fantastic! She definitely deserves a trophy of some sort!


I am seriously addicted to the ribs.  I want to make some this evening with Thai curry paste in the mix, and sauced with a tamarind ginger sauce... I know, I know, but they're SO flexible.

I want to try all Dragonfly's recipes-- each one I've tried has been good to me.

Applause!  Applause!


i was making the sun dried tomato/asperigus fritta recipie from VWAV early today and realized i didn't have any more NY so i just put some of DBUM in...yumm! i also like to mix it with beans and rice for a burrito filling. i like to mix it with pasta sauce to put on my spaghetti. i love it all the time.


I keep wanting to try this, but I can't find raw cashews anywhere! :(


Wow, I just got a password again which is why I have been missing in action.

*Blush*  Thank you for the warm reviews! There is another one on here that doesn't have my name in the title.  It is an "eggs" benedict recipe that you can make as "eggs" florentine instead.  I happened onto making it one weekend when I wanted to go out, but you know what a problem it is to go out to eat when you are vegan, especially breakfast.  This is easy, but rather fancy and gourmet.  I make it when I want something special that is not time consuming and absolutely vegan.

You'd laugh, but I don't like to cook, not especially.  The recipes I come up with are borne out of hating to cook, liking to fix good things quickly and match something I miss eating or is terribly unhealthy.

Thank you again.  I am glad you posted the recipe to your website to "spread the bliss."  This recipe never lasts long at my house and I could eat it on everything in site.

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