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Di, if your lurking, a ?

Di a question for you (or anyone else?!?!) regarding bach remedies and kitty cats...

My Salem is getting on in age... a few years ago he had trouble with his back "knees". The vet didn't call it arthritis... he told me that cat's back knees are in fact "natures imperfection" and as a result these joints are constantly under stress. Sitting, standing, walking, jumping the joint is always under tension.  It took him a while to recover and it was a good reminder to us that he is no longer a kitten.  We like to help him get down from "high spots" whenever he'll let us, and he has been okay for a long time.... Last night he started limping on his back left and is quite sore. :'(  I know you have high regard for the bach remedies.. are there any that can help Salem and his sore joints?


Hi K2...

How funny  is that?  I haven't been on the board in ages...home renovations.  Just came on tonight before I do two or three hours hard labour.

Glucosamine is the way to go.  I bought the non vegetarian type for Willie, my old dog and Isabela.  I don't know if you were on the board when Mindy was but her cat was old and sounded like the same as Salem.  Within days, her kitty could do things he couldn't do before.  Willie,  my dog was having a hard time getting on the couch.  Within days, so not an issue.  I didn't even start giving it to Willie for that.  Some vets have had success giving it to dogs with collapsible trachea's.  So what a bonus when he didn't seem like he ached anymore.

Now Mindy and I bought bought the non vegetarian type.  I thought it was vegetarian but it has shell fish in it or the shell itself.  If you buy Glucosamine with Chondroitin, it can be bovine or shark.  So I didn't buy that although is supposed to be hugely helpful for joints.

I wanted to take Glucosamine but didn't when I found out what was in it.  Like I said, I thought Glucosamine was vegetarian so I didn't get with with Chondroitan.

I then discovered there is a vegetarian Glucosamine.  I found it in a health food store but can't even give you the name of it because it is packed in one of the many boxes.

I don't know if it works as well, but if you don't want the other one, it would be worth a try.

My vet went to a medical thing with vets and doctors and one of the specialists said we should all be taking it.  Before we start having joint problems. 

I gave Willie 1000 mg a day and he only weighed 12 pounds.  500mg to 1000 would be fine for your cat.  Many vets are suggesting it now for animals.

Bach Flower remedies are wonderful but I think they are mostly for "feelings".  Feelings of despair, being frightened of things, being aggressive towards things.

The best all around one is "Rescue Remedy" but it won't help with the joints.

I would truly give the glucosamine a try and you make the decision of which of the two you want to use.  I stuck with the non vegetarian one on my critters because it helped so much.

My sister's hand joints were bothering her and I told her to take it.  She wouldn't  before asking her doctor and he said, sure take it.

A girl at work that has osteoporosis  was told by her doctor to take it. 

Anyway, it is worth a try and I will try to get back on line to see if you have tried it and if it helps.  Can take a couple of weeks but for Mindy and me, it starting helping in three or so days.

Hope this helps.  Good luck with your old kitty.  Pets are a very special blessing.

Right now I am dealing with one pretty sick puppy and between Cali, work and renovating, I am somewhat on the exhausted side.

Keep the board posted!


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