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computer issues?

i've been having issues with my computer the last couple days. i wonder if anyone else has been also. mostly, i'm unable to connect to the internet at times. it isn't our connection (DR's computer is fine).

first i thought it was a windows update that was installed the other night. i did system restore/time machine (whatever its called) and that fixed it for yesterday. today, i was back to issue round 1.

i think i narrowed it down to Zone Alarm, but i uninstalled/reinstalled and can't get on the internet (connection "times out") with it on. i can get on, no issues, if i'm not running it. i don't really "get this" since i've used ZA for a couple years now.

any ideas? i've lost about 3 hours of time "dealing with" this. i run windows xp if that matters. nothing else has changed (checked for viruses, etc)

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